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Ocreampies offers one of the best Japanese porn pleasure featuring their juicy women oozing with creamy white secretion! As we go further, let's see what this juicy site has in store for us.


O Creampies Review

Site Overview

An interesting porn site from the beautiful, crazy Japan! Those almond-shaped eyes, courteous attitudes not to mention their beautiful women most of them having a huge pair of squishy milk bags! One of the best in the world I should say. Since one of my fetishes are pretty lasses from the land of the rising sun, I browsed some Japanese porn sites and came across with this site called Ocreampies. Well from the name itself, one doesn’t have to guess what the content of this one is.

Design & Features

Once inside the site, the layouts and color schemes are warm in the eyes giving you that sexy feel and ambiance. Videos are also categorized by type like the date when it was uploaded, the name of the pornstar, etc., by amount, meaning how many videos will pop up on the screen, and by category which lets you choose what type of sexual content you want to see the most. At the time of writing, they’ve now accumulated a decent amount of porn vids with a total of more than a thousand videos averaging 30 minutes for each video.

You can also download these videos in different formats from MPEG-4, MPEG, and the high-end DiVX. Videos, by the way, are non-exclusive content, but who cares as long as you see bouncing titties and nicely shaven pussies, right? Most of them are in impressive viewing quality with less or no buffer when you playback. Still, images are all screen captures and all are still in good quality which you can also download as ZIP. Updates are quite often with about 10 videos uploaded every month. I tried watching a couple of videos and you can tell you’re getting real unadulterated Japanese porn because of their pixelated genitals which don’t make any sense. You can’t understand what they’re saying, but moans from these awesome ladies are all that matters.

Girls & Videos

As aforementioned, I’ve watched several videos on this porn site. I don’t know where to start at first because of their fine faced roster of ladies. I just randomly clicked on a video and it gave me this clip of a group of men carrying a Japanese girl already naked. They placed her inside a cage and began fondling her nice set of assets. A few moments later, the girl awoke and got a bit hysterical upon knowing she’s held captive by these pervs. They’ve opened the cage and made her lie down on pieces of cardboards on the floor. They started pulling her by the head and made her give one of the guys a hardcore of a blowjob. She was grabbed by the head by that dude and began thrusting his dick into her mouth.

The action didn’t take that long before the guy released his cum inside her lips. She was then grabbed by another guy and made her pose a doggy and began pounding her from behind. Her pussies still tight as it is perfectly reamed around the guy’s cock. The sound that her pussy makes with every pound the guy does to her will make anyone who’ll watch horny and well aroused. It had taken a good 5 minutes of fucking before the dude reached climax. The cameraman made a good focus on the girl’s pussy with creamy cum oozing out of it. But wait! There’s more! Remember the third guy? Well, he jumped in the party by stuffing his Johnson inside the girls then tight ass. Now there’s three of them filling each hole of that poor girl. They squirted their cum almost the same time and jizzed it all over the girls face.



Don’t underestimate the jerking power of this website. Yes, they may have non-exclusive content but believe me, this is nothing with all the beautiful Japanese women that will fulfill your sexual fantasies. What’s also awesome is membership is worth every penny. It’s a win-win deal for this porn site. So if hot seductive Japanese women are your dig, you can try this one hell of a porn site and prepare to be jerking off in no time. Banzai!

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