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Four Finger Club Review

Site Overview

Risking the chance of being too private, I want to start this review of the Four Finger Club website, with a personal revelation that might tell you something new about the average porn consumer. Ever since the tender age of thirteen, I’ve been watching, enjoying, and relentlessly searching for porn. At times, I have been craving porn as if it was some medicine for a chronic decease. I’ve always had the clear impression that pretty much the same goes for most of my male friends. They are fans or supporters, at the very least consumers of porn. Once they have discovered porn, there is no turning back.

Most of my adult life, I’ve been single. I have also had periods of dating girls, some of them for weeks, some for months, and I’ve had a few numbers of one-night stands in my life. Before I turned 20 years old, I used to think porn did not apply to girls in the same way it did for guys. And it wasn’t only me being stupid. It was more shameful for girls to talk about these habits than it was for guys, a trend that clearly has changed the last decade or so. I think I must have been at least 23 or 24 years old the first time I met a girl who stated proudly that she enjoyed watching porn. Now I’m in my mid-30s, and I know better. Porn is just as interesting and enjoyable for girls, as it is for boys and men. It is true, even though some girls still, even in the transparent world of 2016, maybe has a little more difficulty admitting their interest for porn, than the guys have.

For the last two months, I’ve been dating a girl eight years below my age. I seriously believe she has watched even more porn than me, and mind you: I have glanced at an enormous number of naked pictures and movies within the porn genre in my life. The girl I’m dating had no restrictions confessing to her dependency, or maybe I should jump right out and call it an addiction, to porn, just a few days after our first meeting. She quickly specified what kind of porn she preferred, and she told me about her favorite porn site: Four Finger Club.

Design & Features

Every day for the last two months, sometimes several times per day, me and my girlfriend has logged on to the Four Finger Club website, and enjoyed watching some hot girls performing some finger drills or other sensual actions to themselves or other hot girls or both, as part of the prelude to our sexual activities. I can’t explain what is so great about this site, but if I had to guess, I would say a combination of high class on the models and the productions, the easy navigation on the site, and the slick design, based on the traditional layout and design from the legendary New Sensations company. Of course, the fact that every single model seems to be outrageously sexy might also be a factor in the play.

Girls & Videos

To prove to you that there are about 26 times as many attractive models featured on the Four Finger Club than those I will mention, I am going to tell you only about the models I highly recommend, whose name starts with the letter A. So, to get back to the story: Yesterday my girlfriend and I watched the amazing Alyssa Reece performing in the 28 minutes long video “Me & My Girlfriends”. Alyssa is amazing, her body is so tight, and her movements are so sensual. More times than I can count, we’ve seen the incredibly nice Alexis Love in her exclusive to the Four Finger Club session from the Tongues & Twats # 3 video.

The hottest lesbian porn scenes on Four Finger Club


I can’t decide for anybody else, but my girlfriend and I are both determined to stay at the Four Finger Club for a while. It’s a club that offers fantastic value for money for us since we attend it every day and spend so much time in there. It is of great benefit to us, it gives a spark to our sexual relationship, and the club always sets us on the right path: The path to a degree of pleasure and excitement that feels like it’s out of this world. Try a long-term membership, and find out for yourself.

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4 stars
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3 stars

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