Cucked Review



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The team has managed to create a very impressive user interface that will allow even the most inexperienced of users to navigate the site with speed and ease.


Cucked Review

Site Overview

Cucked XXX is among the finest 4K porn sites to watch beautiful white women fucking huge black guys in front of their white husbands and boyfriends. Cuckold porn is among the most niche genres in all porn but Cucked XXX manages to create amazing videos that will please not only the fans of the genre but also those who want something new and different to watch. Come and see.

Design & Features

Cucked XXX is part of the Pimp XXX family of sites and as such, it has a standard of quality that is unmatched by all its competitors in the world of porn. This is a site that has a team of professional designers and developers working 24/7 to give you, the user, the best possible experience that you can have.

The simple and effective layout manages to organize all the important info in such a manner that you won’t come across with huge walls of text or annoying graphics that could obstruct your experience, never. The site is simple and easy to use, all the menus are placed in the most convenient places and they are all 100% functional.

Girls & Videos

Cucked XXX might be part of the niche cuckold genre but the girls that you will find on it are anything but niche. All models that appear at Cucked XXX are 100% professional porn stars, some amongst the greatest stars in the whole porn scene, right now, and here they are having tons of fun by performing in these amazing videos. Most models are white and their body types range from slim to average.

There are more than 15 scenes on the site; this number will keep increasing over time, considering the constant updates. All videos also last 25 minutes and more, so there are hours and hours of content just or you. All videos are presented in gorgeous 4K, the best resolution in the market; you can also go to Full HD 1080p resolution if you are more conformable with it.

All videos can be downloaded as mp4 video file that can be played anywhere, but they’re streamable directly in your browser too by using the built-in media player. All the videos are 100% exclusive to the site. You will need a membership to have the chance to enjoy the whole content. Membership options are the 1-month, the 6-month and 1-year ones, and as a bonus, you will have the chance to enjoy the whole Pimp XXX network of sites.

guys get cucked by their wifes


Cucked XXX is the best cuckold site on the internet, you will love every single second of every video, the girls are amazing and the overall quality is superb, this is a deal that you cannot miss, join now!

The site doesn’t exist anymore. If you want similar material check HERE
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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
3 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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