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If you are a lover of European women with wet pussies in pissing actions, you definitely can not miss out this exclusive site.


Wet And Pissy Review

Site Overview

We have become very stressed out in our daily lives owing to the increased pressures of day to day chores. This takes its toll on our mental and physical health at the same time. For this reason, we are drifting far from the social lives and the fun aspects of leading a life. Situations tend to be worse when we look at the figures that depict the number of people that prefer to live a life of solitude just because they do not have enough time to get into committed relationships with their partners. It so seems that they have been deprived of all their zeal to live, smiles and make merry. Even amidst all these, the intense urge of having sex has still not left us entirely. Gone are the days when humans used to see physical intimacy as a way of taking care of the reproductive needs. Times have changed and so has the mentality of people.

Now we are aware of the various benefits that we can get from making love. But how can one handle the problem of being alone, without the company of a lover and yet get the pleasures of fucking? The answer to these is the various web portals that are in the market, serving porn to feed the desires of the people. Among the different types of sex locales that are operational in the business arena, you can at times feel monotonous by watching the same stuff over and over again in all the locales. To provide relief to all those who fall in this category, I present to you the website that goes by the name of Wet And Pissy. Though the concept of the portal is not new, I am sure many of you are thinking what kind of sexual satisfaction can be associated with pissing. Yes, my friends! Though it is very rare, still there are people that have the fetish towards watching chicks and guys peeing on each other.

Design & Features

While checking out Wet And Pissy, I came across some interesting facts that I would like to share with you. It is very clear that the makers are serious about the business and will do whatever it takes to meet the requirements of the porn lovers. The home page is the first aspect that will attract your eyes. The main aspect that I like was the subtle decor and unusual color combinations. The tabs are the links that will give you easy passage to the different areas in the portal. There are separate tabs that will lead you directly to the videos and image sections. Moreover, you will get the tab that says “instant access.” If you click on that you will get the access to the areas that are only reachable by the members. Apart from these, you can apply for membership by filling an online form of registration.

As it has already been said that the site is exclusive in nature, to get hold of the contents, you will need to pay a certain sum of money and get the desired subscription package. Bills can be paid via credit cards and online checks. There are many thumbnails that are present on the home page. These thumbnails contain mostly the previews of the full-length movies. These happen to be in full HD version. This is the reason as to why they are so clear. For downloading the clips, you can use MP4 and WMV version, both at a resolution of 1920×1080. For streaming the feed to facilitate online viewing, you can use the facilities of Flash and MP4 as well. Here you can get a resolution of 1920×1080 and 3840×2160 respectively. These are not attached to the restriction of DRM. With advanced navigation facilities, you will get the comfort of a user-friendly interface.

Girls & Videos

As for the models, they are sexy and seductive in all ways. They are very well-versed in the techniques of making out with themselves. The smooth and even complexioned skin tone of their bodies are not comparable at all. They will be seen squirting in public and then letting go of the flow of pee that was within the bladder. You can see the, taking a leak in between the sessions of self-pleasuring with vibrators, dildos and pleasure balls. There are 254+ galleries and full-length movies that are at the disposal of the members. The movies have a length of 20 minutes. The images resolutions are 2240×1680. Each gallery contains 40 stills, downloadable in Zip. You can play these in the devices that are enabled with Windows media player.

Tracy pees after anal toying on Wet and Pissy


With 3 bonus portals that you will get to see for free, there are provisions of getting live feeds. The collection of 220 pissing models is going to be at your service to provide you with a pleasure of sex and lust.

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