FootsieBabes Review



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FootsieBabes also has its fair share of good quality videos, apart from the hot pornstars. And as such, everything will seem to work out for you since first-class erotic entertainment is what is waiting for you on the other side. Each video has got nice titles such as “Foot worship” and others along those lines.


FootsieBabes Review

Site Overview

January of 2006 is the date that FootsieBabes was created. And once the site went online, everyone from all over the world had the opportunity not only to see sexy pornstars such as Blue Angel getting screwed but huge cocked fellows but also had the opportunity to sit tight and enjoy her pretty feet. And that doesn’t mean that you need to be a big fan of girls with cute feet because you can just check in to make sure that you are enjoying some good porn.

Design & Features

FootsieBabes has got multiple zip sizes that will get to cater for each person differently. And this is the kind of options that users love because they get the chance to personalize their erotic experiences just the way that they want. There are links that lead up to over 30 sites that will most definitely reward you with plenty more erotic content that will, without a doubt, get to work out in your favor which is such an additional advantage if you ask me.

A good searching tool will always be there at your disposal to make sure that everything is surely working out in a superb manner for you as you will spend less time finding whatever it is that you are looking for. The high-resolution photos available in FootsieBabes will always take care of you as much as the videos will. In here, there are about 462+ galleries with about 160 pics available in each of these galleries. And since all of these photos are in the zip file format, everything will most certainly get to work out as bulk downloading is usually a possibility.

Girls & Videos

FootsieBabes has to have a golden collection of the hottest girls out there who not only have the cutest faces but also the most beautiful feet. And this means that, when you are into feet or you have a foot fetish to be specific, then this site will most certainly have you covered without a doubt. In here, there is more than just fucking sex, ragged breathing because of the good sex that is going down. These girls also happen to offer some of the very best footjobs that will without a doubt, give you a reason to sit tight and enjoy everything that is going down without any problems at all.

There are scenes where they give footjobs with lubrication and focus on the sensitive V cusp of the penis, making the guys cum much faster. There are also blowjobs where you will witness the sucking of their juicy lips, cheeks, labia as well as sensitive clit in a slow, strategic and sluggish licks that will leave you all horny and ready to masturbate, so that you can have the same kind of erotic pleasure as the one that you are looking to kick back and enjoy without any problems. And even though they get to focus on feet, there is also a fair share of hardcore fucking and plenty of sperm being sprayed all over the place.

And at the end, these gorgeous girls such as Kathia Nobile will end up playing with the semen to keep you all entertained as much as possible, which is usually the whole point of your porn time. The fucking in here is also very amazing and with girls such as Cindy Hope, Debbie White and Sophie Moonies and many others, then you can rest assured that the fucking, as well as the footjobs, will be remarkable. Once you are here, I can assure you that you will be filled up with horniness.

european girls taking cock with their feet


It is very easy to navigate through FootsieBabes because, as I found out, it is designed to be user-friendly. And the latter is the main reason why a lot of people have been loyal users of this site for the last decade. I, therefore, recommend that you make time and check out this site today and enjoy.

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5 stars
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