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Offering exquisite porn contents in a very wonderfully designed site, guys are sure to make her their dominatrix and mistress to help them achieve the best possible orgasms.


Thai Money Princess Review

Site Overview

One of the best BDSM porn sites to feature femdom and submissive males is ThaiMoneyPrincess. This beautiful and gorgeous slut from Thailand is popularly known as the Thai Princess, and leads a life of luxury, thanks to her awesome and adoring slaves.

With a body to drool for, this sexy princess makes men go mad after her, and her strict and domineering attitude can make them fall on their knees, begging her to take them as her slaves. Treating them with contempt and admonishing them in full public view gives her a kick, but what stands out about this cunt is her ability to financially drain her male slaves, so that she could lead a comfortable life. To help you achieve this, read the review presented below, and you will not hesitate to sign up immediately.

Design & Features

ThaiMoneyPrincess gives a very rich and luxurious look about its website. From the colors used, to the placement of the videos, the collection of themes for the videos, the performances of the slut, the attitude of the dominatrix and finally the affordability, combine synergistically to provide you with an amazing output. ThaiMoneyPrincess has about 70+ videos in its kitty, all in full HD quality and over 50 photo albums. The photos are in high-resolution formats and can gray in a zip format. Videos can be enjoyed in streaming or can be downloaded to your computer for later viewing.

Let’s begin this review with the color scheme, which features numerous colors that blend in very well with the overall theme. Black is the background color and makes the site look awesome. It also goes well with the dark theme of femdom BDSM and is, perhaps, the best color to be used. On this, there are traces of gray, golden yellow, red, silvery-white and white colors, which are used in appropriate measures to accentuate various parts of the site.

The logo in the header has a red and silvery white hue, with a heap of currency notes above it. A gorgeous image of the princess is seen to the left. Her cute smile is sure to mesmerize anyone who looks at her intently. A brief description below the logo gives an idea of what’s her name, her age, and what she likes to do with her male slaves. A gray button takes you to a detailed description of this dominating princess and her lifestyle. A couple of buttons, one for Join Now and the other for Members, in red background and golden yellow text is seen below the header.

A set of 10 video thumbnails with descriptions in dark gray boxes is seen across two tour pages, with each page having 5 videos each. Above the box, there is a red color strip with a title, a wad of currency notes and a tiara to the left, while a Join Now button in golden yellow color is seen towards the right.

Girls & Videos

While everyone knows that the girls and videos are the most interesting parts of a porn site. In the case of the ThaiMoneyPrincess, it is the princess and her adventures with slave men that make it outstanding. Let us describe this cunt first, before checking out what she does with her slaves.

The princess has an awesome body, and anyone would want to fuck this cunt’s holes, whether it is her pussy, mouth or asshole. But that’s where the paradox lies. On the one hand, you want to fuck her, but on the other, she wants to dominate you as none has ever done. And it is always her who has an upper-hand, for she knows what you want. You want to fuck her body, but she wants to treat you like a puppy and make you pay for all her adventures and misadventures. Beautiful face, awesome boobs, perky and dark nipples, pink cunt and a million-dollar bum which she flaunts with pride make her an excellent princess.

lovely thai girls doing nasty thing on her men


To sum it up, we must say that this site will truly be a blessing in disguise for a horny guy like you. You will get to know more about the princess, and be a chivalrous person. The more chivalrous you are, the more she will respect you and make you her pet for the rest of her life. The site is very affordable, and you can make your payments in a variety of ways, including cheque, bitcoins or credit/debit cards. Of the two available plans, the quarterly plan is the more popular one and will give you discounts. It is recommended that you opt for the quarterly plan. So, hurry up and subscribe.

The site doesn’t exist anymore. You can enjoy similar content HERE

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3 stars
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3 stars
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2 stars

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