CzechOrgasm Review



Price: $29.95 (30 days)

A unique project that collects powerful orgasms. You also get many more sites upon joining, and that is even better, because of the different content, and the fact that the sites are daily updated.


Czech Orgasm Review

Site Overview

There are many porn sites out there, filled with videos and photos, yet their content never seems to impress me, or to leave me in a good mood, at all. That is mostly because all the orgasms and the sex is faked. Well, if you are looking for real orgasms, then I suggest you turn to the amateurs, specifically, CzechOrgasm, where lovely Czech girls show us what it looks like when a girl has an orgasm in front of a camera.

Design & Features

The site is done such a way that it will attract your attention from the first glance you have on its home page. Why? Simply because it is done in a very minimalistic way, having a giant slider on top of the page, placed upon a gray and black background. Along with a couple of buttons that help you navigate the site, you also have a lot of previews, which you will find by scrolling down. Among the previews you will see the images from the videos, girls masturbating. The videos are in an area for members, only, and you could get there by joining, for a very cheap fee, and get a couple of perks along the way.

Girls and Videos

When it comes to seeing an orgasm, there is almost nothing better than an intimate moment, where a girl gets very passionate and relaxed. Too often, that is impossible due to the acting that is required from the professionals on screen. That is why we turn to the amateurs, and like on this site, have them masturbate in front of a camera, with enough time and space to dedicate their full attention to achieving that orgasm and being as natural as they can while doing it.

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I have rarely been so attracted to a site, but CzechOrgasm got me instantly and had me in its grasps the first moment I laid my eyes upon one of their videos. This is simply because they are so good, and so natural while having their orgasms and moaning because of the intense intimate pleasure.

This site no longer receives updates. For similar content take a look HERE
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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
2 stars
3 stars
Value For Money:
2 stars

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