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The girls in JustTeensPorn are all amateur cuties who want to be famous in the porn industry. They do everything that they can do to earn the spotlight and so far, I see them very successful in this venture.


JustTeensPorn Review

Site Overview

JustTeensPorn is an arousing amateur porn site from Russia, which features cute fresh girls in its amateur XXX scenes. If you are looking for hot amateur porn that is sold for a cheap price, JustTeensPorn is an amateur XXX site that you should not miss. This homemade porn guide will walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of JustTeensPorn.

Design & Features

JustTeensPorn, although an amateur site, does not have any trace of amateur feeling on its site. The website design is professionally curated from the top to bottom. It has nice graphics, which are high quality. Through these, you will see a collage of naked fresh girls with their slender frames and A-cup titties. The color scheme of the site is very girly and fresh. The different shades of pink in the background and all over the site remind me of a princess. Indeed, the girls here are princesses of porn. The site is also fast performing. The pages load fast and are very responsive. I like how it responds to every user button without any lagging moments. The layout of the site is also very organized. The contents are not cluttered as we can see on the homepage and the contents section of the site.

The homepage of the site is where we can see a sneak peek of what the site can offer. Here, you have the sample videos and photo sets. You can take a look at the entire collection and start fantasizing about the girls. But everything is not here yet, as I was saying. To view the entire collection, you have to access the photos and videos section of the site where you can watch the full-length duration of the videos and the entire photo set. The site is also equipped with sorting tools and navigation tools that you can use for your convenience. You can sort the contents according to different parameters like the date, title, actors, and popularity. The navigation tool of the site also consists of the main menu and the pagination. A pagination is a group of numbered buttons where you can skip through different pages easily.

Moving on to the contents section of the site, there are two main sections for the collections. First is the video collection and the other is the photo collection. The site already reached over 300 videos since it was launched in 2008. And since then, you can only download the videos but cannot stream them. The site does not have a flash player to stream the videos but it has a download manager where you can download the videos without limits. The download manager of the site can accommodate up to eight channels. It also has a feature where you can pause and resume the downloads whenever you want to. If you have a fiber optic and a stable connection, the download speed can reach up to 50 megabytes per second. The videos are available at the following resolutions: 1280 x 720 and 720 x 1080. But if you browse the archived videos, you will also notice that the old videos have low resolutions. You also have the option to download the files in either AVI or MP4 format. Lastly, the videos are approximately 25 minutes long.

Girls & Videos

These fresh girls from Russia and Eastern Europe are all gorgeous and very talented in bed. I can see that they will surely rise to fame in the porn industry as they become professionals in the near future. As fresh as they are right now, these girls are surprisingly becoming more lovely and sexy in every video. The girls are usually slender with their lithe body frame but they have a large appetite for sex. They are horny, there’s no doubt about that. These girls can take a big dick in their fresh pussy and even in their assholes. Sucking cocks is also one of the specialties of these little sluts and in return, they also get licked non-stop by those naughty tongues. While there is partner sex, there are also solo masturbation scenes in the collection where the girls use their own set of sex toys like dildos and vibrators.

exclusive videos and photos on justteensporn


This site is one of my favorites because of the overall impact of the site. The layout is very tidy and organized, the design is presentable and appealing and the collection is very interesting. I enjoyed surfing the site because it was hassle free. The tools that make up the site are also very convenient to use. The girls are super horny, which I like. It helped them deliver a good porn scene. They are also very flexible because you can see that they are comfortable performing with different partners from different age group. The site is just affordable. It also comes with a lot of bonus sites, which makes it worthy of your money.

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3 stars
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2 stars

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