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Swallowed is the answer to all of your prayers. Need I say more?


Swallowed Review

Site Overview

The site of a beautiful girl being penetrated may be hard to resist but wait till you catch a glimpse of a bunch of horny girls gobbling up big cocks as if it is was their last supper! They may not be professionals but it is okay that they are giving head for the first time. After all, the point of the great sexual adventure is trying out new things. Swallowed is a site that will fill you up sexually in ways more than one. These beauties will teach you how to feed on every inch of cock and teach you that a gag reflex is just a state of mind. Needless to say, these are some dick loving sluts! Once the stud balls rest on their chain, they quickly find their comfort zone. Even though their mascara runs with tears and their faces turn red from their lack of oxygen, they do not stop.

Design & Features

As a great blowjob site, Swallowed has proven that it is one of the best platforms as far as originality, usability and value are concerned. Taking a tour here will simply be the best use of your time especially because the great-looking site is truly welcoming. You can readily dive into the content and enjoy what the collection has to offer. As on any other platform, the content is systematically arranged in a variety of categories. The videos are quite long and they are such a joy to look at. As such, you will not feel like you are deprived of your moments of pleasure. If anything, you will be able to truly maximize all that these scenes have to offer. The flicks are available for both streaming and downloading, depending on what you find favorable for you.

The level of clarity is simply something to boast about. Additional resolutions, including 300p for mobile downloads, are also available. As the design is clean cut and pretty straight forward, you can be able to maneuver through this pleasure portal accordingly. You will also not have any challenges when streaming the flicks, Swallowed downloads and streams have been known to be highly dependable. The model index is pretty interesting and will keep you on your toes for all the right reasons. It is quite easy to find the model of your dreams as there are lots of keywords to choose from. You can also type in their name into the search box.

Girls & Videos

The models on Swallowed participate in the kind of threesomes that will ignite a fire inside you. They sure deserve an award because it is not easy to work on a single cock orally to orgasmic submission. They are ready for action and as soon as you meet them, you will fall in love with their libido. Gina, Kimber, and Melissa are a trio of mega sluts who want to satisfy their lover in all ways that they can. By gobbling on his cock, they ensure that they would not stop until he surrenders to the feeling of pleasure that they are responsible for. As one works the tip of the cock, the other licks his balls while the third uses her saliva to ensure that the big rod is well lubricated. Honestly, they do not care what you think about them. Any judgments that you may pass will go unnoticed because they are too busy dishing out pleasure like it was a bowl of roman noodles.

On the other hand, Sarah is a Blondie who enjoys getting gagged. She lays flat on her bed while her partner fucks her in the mouth. The entire time, saliva is drooling all over her mouth. While you may think that she will get choked, the model proves that she can power through the session. You will love all that is in store for you. Swallowed is not just a name. Once the models are done sucking on the cocks, they swallow all of the sperms that emanate from them.

lots of girls sucking deeply and swallowing sperm


Swallowed is exactly what you need to ensure that your life is filled with bliss. Do not be afraid to join in the horny clubs because this kind of excitement is what you need to turn your life around. The models are slutty as ever and make the scenes exactly what you want them to be. There is also a decent collection to keep you going.

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4 stars
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4 stars
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4 stars

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