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Miley Mason Review

Site Overview

What makes a girl so appealing? Well, here are some of the things that I observed. First, when a girl is oozing with self-confidence. We all know for a fact that confidence makes a girl sexy, right? Second is when a girl is carefree and fun. I’m sure a lot will agree that nothing can beat a girl who knows how to shed of some negativity in life. Lastly is when a girl knows her sexuality. Well, sex is everyone’s favorite, isn’t it?

To wrap up all these qualities of an appealing girl, I think I know someone who perfectly possesses these traits and she’s no other than, Miley Mason. She has an innocent face that will easily gain the guys’ attention. However, you might try thinking twice before acting upon it, because this sweet girl works wonders in the porn industry. And to tell you, this girl’s videos are selling like hot pancakes in the amateur porn videos category. Thus, she was granted her self-titled site, Miley Mason.

Design & Features

First of all, the site’s content is quite sufficient. The simple navigation tool makes it easier to handle the searching and the filters necessary for you to find the video you will want to watch. The tabs that you can find here on the site include the one for Home, Videos, Photos, and Bonus Sites. There is also a link on the upper right corner of the main menu which will lead you to your favorites section. In the homepage, the contents are displayed according to the latest upload. There is one area on, another area for the latest photos and one corner for the picture of the month.

When viewing the videos, there’s also a numbered pagination which allows you to skip to different pages. You can stream the videos using the site’s Flash player, or you can download the full-length videos in MP4 format. These videos are high definition and are compatible with your mobile devices. The resolution of the videos while streaming is 960×540. The downloaded videos, on the other hand, are either 960×540 or 1920×1080. If you don’t want to download the movie in full, you also have the option to download it in short clips. Overall, there are more than 91 videos on the site. Each of these videos is approximately 20 minutes long.

There are no descriptions or summary of what the video was all about in the Videos section of the site. However, there’s only a screen capture from a scene on the video, the date it was uploaded and the title of the video. There is information about the date the video was uploaded, so this is the easiest way to find out how often the site updates since the site does not explicitly post these type of information. Meanwhile, the pictures are all high quality. It has a resolution of 3000×2000. The photos looked natural although it’s a bit obvious that a little airbrushing was done to clean out some flaws in the photos. There are already over 75 photo galleries in the site and each of them contains 120 pictures. If you want to download it, you can download it in zip.

Girls & Videos

Miley Mason is such a special girl. She possesses an independent yet amateur aura. She’s fun yet she’s also in control of her game. She has a face that will make you want to spoil her with love and affection. Miley Mason has A-cup and perky tits, a tight ass and a slender body. Her blonde ad short hair makes her the typical American starlet— a bitchy with a little bit of an innocent look.

Aside from her fans, this amateur porn star also has the warm support from her family way back in Atlanta, Georgia. In the “About Me” section of her site, some of her personal information was being narrated. One of her videos is a Ballet act which she stretches in the middle of a Ballet studio with her short tutu and pink bra. As she opens her legs apart for a wide stretch, the camera closes in to her shaved pussy. The video ended with Miley Mason inserting a purple dildo into her wet pussy.

miley mason play with herself in amazing sex shows


If you want amateur porn videos, I would recommend this site to you. Despite her amateur level in the porn industry, I’d say that Miley Mason does not feel like one. In fact, she might even get a bigger leap to the next level with her sexy and charming personality. She’s driving everyone crazy.

This site no longer exists. For similar content, please go HERE
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4 stars
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4 stars
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3 stars

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