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Sex Video Casting Review

Site Overview

Before there were porn stars, first came adult auditions that propelled them to the kind of stars that they are today. Just like everyone else, they had to go through the ‘system’ where they impressed a couple of directors who cast them in the highly coveted roles that they were asked to role play. They showed their prowess in front of the camera, leaving nothing to chance. As soon as they stepped onto the stage, a majority of them proved that they were born for it. That is why they shine today. The big question is, where did it all start?

SexVideoCasting is one of those sites that take us down memory lane. Bringing you the porn audition process, the site introduces you to fresh faces who once had a dream and a desire to make it big in the adult world. The scenes show you that it was no walk in the park for them and once, they had to assume practical roles that came with getting fucked and riding cocks to get ‘that role’. The new girls are excited as well as nervous to be in front of the camera. There is nothing better than the combination of these two feeling of pleasure. They prove that every girl has had her start somewhere and as such, this site happens to show us where the beginning for many porn stars was.

Design & Features

SexVideoCasting is a site with an interesting user interface as well as design. Logging into the portal will make you feel as though you have died and went to heaven. The background of the site boasts of great colors with gigantic banners that let you know exactly where you are. The uniqueness of freshness of the site comes through in ways more than one. Navigating and making the most of the collection is quite easy. There is a lot of excitement waiting for you in these pages, so browse away! The videos are introduced accordingly with descriptions such as this one; “the guy behind the camera speaks with a heavy accent to an amateur porn model.” These words alone let you know that you are in for some great action even though they do not give away too much.

Girls & Videos

SexVideoCasting boasts a roster of outgoing girls who do not have a problem showing off their goodies. They do not have a problem flaunting their private, jiggling their asses or even proving to you just how curvy their hips are. They bring a lot to the sex table, so to speak. You will get to enjoy the conversations that they have right before the auditions begin. This is to let you know that the models have beauty as well as brains. They introduce themselves to the directors and as they do, you will equally fall in love with their demeanor. From the aura that they exude, you can tell that sexiness is rooted deep within their DNA.

Some of them audition in pairs, treating you to the best lesbian scenes that you have ever seen. They kiss, exchange saliva and do all sorts of naughty things in front of the camera. If your fantasy is that which motivates you to imagine all kinds of women nude, then you should stop imagining… because all that you want lies here. Do not be afraid to go out your comfort zone because SexVideoCasting has a lot of pleasurable moments in store for you. The models who want to get ahead, by all means, seduce the director with a willingness that will make you fall in love with them. They strip down all that they wear and relish in their nudity.

sexy girls for the first time on camera


Overall, SexVideoCasting has a lot to brag about on many different levels. There are a lot of fresh amateur faces, solo auditions and hardcore fetishes that are waiting for you to enjoy. The content on the site is simply begging for your attention. These European girls know what you want and dish it out accordingly. They do what it takes to ensure that you will have every reason to log into the platform times without number. They will steal your heart and sweep you off your feet.

The site doesn’t exist anymore. If you want similar material check HERE
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