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With great features and additional content, along with promised regular updates, this is the place you should definitely check out.


Hot Legs And Feet Review

Site Overview

Hot Legs and Feet is a website dedicated to one of the most popular fetishes in porn, and in case you somehow didn’t manage to guess, it is all about feet, toes and legs, but with plenty of other content thrown in the mix.

Design & Features

Much like most other porn sites, the Hot Legs and Feet website likes to keep things simple when it comes to the layout, interface and design specs of the website and opted for a simple, yet very effective theme which is a tried and tested method for success in the world of online porn. The dark background and subtle menu colors make it easy for the rest of the content on the website to catch your eye and bring you in all the while sparking your imagination and getting you hard. While the main attraction of the Hot Legs and Feet website is obviously the sexy videos, the website comes with some additional goodies that make it even better! Sometimes it is really hard, especially when you have a fetish to find someone who will understand and embrace your fetish and accept it so you can enjoy doing the things that arouse you together, so to fix this, the Hot Legs and Feet website even has a dating section, which it makes easy to find someone who shares the same interest as you.

Girls & Videos

The Hot Legs And Feet website is, for lack of a better term (not that a better term would even be needed) huge. Fetish sites in general tend not to be all that big because fetishes are more specialized sexual preferences, and there are a lot of different fetishes out there so the demand may not always be all that high, or if it is it sometimes doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest a lot of time and effort into a very specific fetish, but that is not the case with Hot Legs And Feet, because quite honestly speaking, leg and foot fetishes are not that uncommon and they are even on the more tame end of the fetish spectrum, so there is a lot of demand for it.

Free scene of A Russian girl playing with feet


All in all, Hot Legs and Feet is a great website, with an impressive collection and great quality porn that goes beyond just foot and legs fetishes.

The site doesn’t exist anymore. If you want similar material check HERE
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