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Hot Bitch High Review

Site Overview

We understand that your time is precious and you do not have time to go through the entire site to understand what it offers. Hence, we took the trouble of writing this for you so that you can arrive at an informed decision. Get on to reading this review, for we are confident that after you read it, you will be motivated to subscribe to this site. The review will cover important elements such as Design & Features and Girls & Videos, starting with the Design & Features section.

Design & Features

On the imaginary flex sheet, you have the banner of HotBitchHigh. We loved the banner of this site. Seven sexy nubile sluts adorn the banner. Each bitch is hot and has her breasts shown. We loved to watch those breasts and nipples, for they were mesmerizing. Two sluts had spread their legs, barely showing their pussies. Aren’t these bitches tantalizing and inviting us to fuck them? We thought so! A couple of naked sluts completes the bitches adorning the banner. In the backdrop, you can read Hot Bitch High on the administrative building, and a bus completes the banner.

Below the banner, you will find three rectangular buttons, for accessing Members’ Area, Instant Access (to join the site) and More Bitches. The videos are presented in a unique format. To continue with the mix of culture and pleasure feel to the site, the creators have loaded a large video thumbnail on a wooden framed blackboard. This is perhaps the masterstroke, for it hits the bullseye. Yellow text on the blackboard tells you the porn star(s) featuring in the video are and white is used in the video description. Four screenshots of the video complete fill the remaining portion of the blackboard. To give a girly feeling to the site, you have some books, teddy bears, hearts, and flowers.

You are sure to keep your tongues wagging and dicks flying high when you see those sexy thumbnails of pussies spread wide for you to lick and fuck. A yellow halo surrounds each video, and text box, giving you a very soothing feeling while watching the videos. Subscribing is affordable, and a 90-day subscription will save you a lot of money, in addition to giving you access to hundreds of thousands of photos, hundreds of hours of videos, 20+ different sites and new updates on a weekly basis. For a limited time, there is a special offer that will give you free access to 37 sites, apart from the usual benefits. What more can you ask for from a top-notch porn site?

Girls & Videos

Get ready to re-live your days as your formative days’ stud after watching the videos and sluts of HotBitchHigh. We already pointed out to you that the sluts are nubile, and are horny. Horny nubile sluts are a dangerous breed because they can easily turn the tables on a stud and give him the fuck of his life. While such horny sluts are not difficult to recognize, getting them to fuck you will take time. But when the time comes, they shed all their inhibitions aside and are the Goddesses of Sex when they suck your dick and take it into their juicy cunts.

Some of the themes used in the videos are very innovative, and will up your sex quotient considerably. One theme we loved is when Gaby, the sluttiest bitch around performed very poorly in Chemistry. She needed to gain extra credit on this course to get a passing grade. The chemistry professor is a very horny guy, who loves to fuck a nubile cunt. Gaby’s chemistry with the professor made her forget chemistry and gain credit in fucking him. With sparks flying high, Gaby sucks his dick like a pro, takes his dick in her tight ass and juicy cunt. She loves the taste of her cunt juices mixing with her professor’s precum and licks his dick dry. The video ends when Gaby takes her professor’s load on her face, in her mouth and watches it drip on her breasts and nipples. A sight to behold, you will jerk as you watch the professor fuck Gaby.


If you happen to fuck your girl, you should first watch the videos on this site because it will set the mood for both of you to enjoy a great session of sex. Being affordable, you can watch all your favorite sex videos in the comfort of your home night after night, and jerk off / fuck off to glory. Watch your girl sucking your dick and eating the cum, and you will keep wanting more. That’s our promise.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
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3 stars
Value For Money:
2 stars

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