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No matter what genre of porn you like, you will love seeing these videos. They are entertaining and everything that you have ever asked for.


Horny Thief Tales Review

Site Overview

The main theme is not always that the thieves offer great sex in exchange of the girl of the house. Sometimes they come across horny bitches ready to be fucked and sometimes there are even two. If you are an experienced porn watcher, then you would fairly have a good idea about the things that make a porn site worth paying for. There are millions of sites where you can watch porn without paying a penny, then why would someone pay for it? There are reasons to pay, the reason being the quality – the quality of the website in general and there are a lot of things included in that viz. The video quality, the storyline, the pornstars and everything else that matters from the standpoint of the viewers.

This is a fun website that offers you all the elements of entertainment. The content is fun as here you come across the thieves fucking one of the members of the home, where they go to steal. The thieves find the girls alone in the house where they go to steal and get aroused. The thieves are good looking as well and when they approach the girls with their huge cock, they cannot make themselves say no. The thieves make a deal and tell the girls that they would not harm or kill them, in return for sex. The girls are more than happy with such a deal and jump happily with such a proposition. Both the parties are splendid in the bed and you love watching them doing all sorts of erotic things.

Such a theme is rare and it is a unique theme. All the stories on the website are based on this theme and each has a different storyline and you will enjoy watching each of them. There are many videos and images to choose from and you will love seeing each one of them. This is a perfect site for all porn lovers out there as there is a lot in store for each of them.

Design & Features

The design is arousing but simple. Arousing as you will come across the images of hot and naked girls and guys doing all sorts of erotic stuff. The site is filled with such images and the images used are of pretty good quality. You will love going through the entire site just to catch a glimpse of these porn images. There is no disturbing ad present on this site and there is no content as such as well. Whatever little content you will come across is something necessary and required. You will get all membership details here. There are many images, videos and gigs present on this website and you will easily be able to find them on the site. All relevant details have been mentioned and even if you are coming to the site for the first time, you will find anything you are looking for with ease.

Girls & Videos

The girls are genuinely hot and you would love to see them in the act. They have large and soft tits, tight pussies and asses and they look all the better when they are getting fucked. The men too are handsome or cute and they make sure to fuck every hole they come across with their huge dicks. The videos are of high resolution and offer crystal clear display and you can download them as well if you want and watch them later. Here, in these videos, you will come across every element of porn starting from blowjob to anal sex and everything else. Thus, these videos are completely entertaining and you will have fun watching them. For few, you would want to see them more than once. There are 332,666 images and 2,248 videos to choose from.

Hot stories about sex with thieves on Horny Thief Tales


In short, there is a lot that you can see on this website and the collection is pretty huge. There are not many sites that offer a total content of 3776.64 Gigs and you will enjoy watching every bit of it. Most of the videos are Threesome videos and so you enjoy them more. This is a great site for all the porn lovers and if you are amongst them, it is a pity that you still are not a member of the site.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
2 stars
3 stars
Value For Money:
2 stars

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