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There are numerous scenes where Amylee masturbates in various place. She shows how much she loves her body by getting down and dirty anywhere and everywhere.


Sweet Amylee Review

Site Overview

Amylee is a sweet Canadian-French aspiring pornstar who has put together a great adult entertainment portal just for you. The site features all her sexual escapades and brings you high-quality content that has been put together for your enjoyment. Amylee is the girl from your dreams. She is the epitome of sexiness that every man-and-woman dreams about. She will take you to never-land and back.

Behind closed doors, she is a star that should be reckoned with, and she will prove to you why she should be part of mainstream porn. Her innocent, fresh face is nothing compared to her sexual talents. Watching Amylee have sex will give you the best experience that you will find especially hard to forget. If you have been looking for the best place to explore your seductive desires, sweet Angels will offer you a great platform.

Design & Features

As soon as you log into the site, you will be able to see the hardcore and softcore movies that feature Amylee at her best. Currently, there are over 50 movies, 3,000 professional photographs and 2,000+ impressive screen caps. It is evident that the site has invested a lot of time into building this amazing empire. Despite the multitude of movies, you will not get lost as you explore the pages. On the contrary, you will find it easy to get around. The site has great navigational tools.

Apart from the easiness of access, SweetAmylee has features like live sex shows, video feeds, adult stories and a message board that lets members highly interact with the site and each other. The pink, white and yellow background colors enhance all the wordings on the site. The site has been categorized with extra links and thumbnails to make it easy for you to access the movies and photos sets. There is a featured movie section that showcases the most outstanding film in the collection. As a solo site, SweetAmylee has proven to be able to give a user interface that is unlike any other.

Girls & Videos

Amylee is the main girl on the website. Of course, the action is centered on her. There are many solo scenes where she showcases her skills; she runs the gamut on the site. Amylee loves giving blowjobs and experiencing lesbian encounters. She keeps you glued to the screen every step of the way and in each new scene, you will be able to uncover a little more about her personality. Most times, she will unleash many new surprises that will make you realize that she is not the amateur that you may think she is. Amylee also enjoys bald beaver banging. This usually begins with licking her bald snatch. She does not give only dull moments as she tries to change her personality through different hair colors and brand new moves.

In efforts to make a household name for herself, Amylee gets into a threesome with well-known Peter North and Hustler cover girl, Shelby Bell. This makes for the hottest porn scene that you have ever seen. Rubbing shoulders with international pornstars has been able to propel Amylee career to greater heights. Out of the 50+ movies, only about 15 features Amylee the rest feature pornstars like Cassandra, Jenny, Patricia and Sarah. They crown the pages and help Amylee rediscover what she truly loves.

The pornstars do not appear in solo scenes but often in threesomes with Amylee. There are so much of them to rediscover on the archives. In her masturbation scenes, Amylee is carefree and shows that you don’t really know her as much as you though you do, she always has new tricks up her sleeve. You never know where the cameras will catch her getting naughty and this is the beauty of many of many of her scenes. She uses her fingers deep inside her vagina and adds to the pleasure with a dildo. Usually, she will prove that she can be vulnerable and softcore. You do not have to see her go hardcore full time.

Aspiring pornstars on Sweet Amylee


This site is indeed sweet. It is filled with the best sexual encounters. Her movies often represent sexual freedom and perversion in the classiest way. The growing potential is also very encouraging especially because Amylee has so much to offer. Unlike many other solo sites, SweetAmylee represents high quality.

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3 stars
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