HerFreshmanYear Review



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Her Freshman Year Review

Site Overview

HerFreshmanYear is a top of the line amateur website that treats you to sexy content from models who are merely learning the ropes. The best thing about the beauties is that they are bound to make some mistakes. Their first week in a higher learning institution meets them with so many sexy expectations. Let us find out more about the Sexy amateur porn site.

Design & Features

When it comes to design and features, HerFreshmanYear has its house in order. The design is impeccable and all of the features are on point. You will not have a difficult time getting around. While HerFeshmanYear may not be a massive platform, it is indeed one of a kind. The content is 100% exclusive and you can be certain that you will only get the best treatment here. All of the videos are presented in a high definition, leaving you with an enviable level of HD amateur porn clarity.

With a total of 11+ episodes, you can already tell that you will not have any challenges while exploring the platform. The episodes are tagged with screenshot galleries and image galleries, promising you the best of both worlds. Despite the limited nature of the collection, do not fret, all site members get free access to 27 bonus sites that are part of the TeamSkeetNetwork.

Girls & Videos

The sexy homemade porn videos feature the hottest amateur models that you will ever find anywhere on the internet. These beauties will taunt you with catchy phrases such as, ‘I’m a mind reader! ‘You seem a bit shy’ and ‘in my mouth, ‘among others. It is clear that they are ready for action, seeing that they will not put their flirty attitude to rest. The homemade porn video models are made to perfection. Their bangin’ bodies are tempting and their wet pussies throbbing, begging to be fucked. The amateur HD videos showcase all kinds of hotties, from blondes to brunettes and redheads. It does not matter what your preferences may be because this site will always meet you in the middle.

Kitty Bella is the only model who does not even need an introduction. She is one of the most beautiful fresh faces on the site and is ready to take over your world in a way that only she knows how. You will meet Kitty while she is fully dressed but all the innocence will go out the window as soon as her clothes come off. She will treat you to a strip tease like no other. As she gets rid of one clothing item at a time.

Before you know it, Kitty Bella is all nude and from the look of things, she will make you go crazy with pleasure and desire. After a few minutes, her sex partner will make his debut. His cock already erect but who blames him? The sight of a nude Kitty Bella will send any man into a frenzy. You will not be disappointed with what she has in store for you. For a girl whose fantasy is getting fucked in public, Kitty is certainly not camera shy. She lets you indulge in her sexual escapades in a way that you never have before. If you are hoping for validation then her fucking skills will entice you. They are out of this world.

There are also a number of hot homemade porn scenes that also showcase models like Britney Beth and Ashlyn Rae among others, lying in their sexual splendor. The poses on the pictures also tell a lot about them and their personality. There are those who love making you work for what they want to show you while others simply lay it bare, not caring who takes a sneak peek at them. Either way, they redefine excitement and spending time with them is the best decision that you can ever make.

lovely cuties enjoy sex in front of the camera


HerFreshmanYear is an upcoming site that will delight you with all of the goodness that the adult world has to offer. It does not matter what you find sexy because these fresh faces go out of their way to turn up the heat. The hot amateur porn scenes do not disappoint in any way. The attraction quality is out of this world and the manner in which the content is presented highly compliments the TeamSkeetNetwork site.

This site no longer exists. For similar content, please go HERE
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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
2 stars
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2 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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