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Lubed features the best porn videos that you can ever browse on the internet today. The good thing about this porn site is that they are pretty much keeping up with their claims. 4k Ultra fucking High Definition, check.


Lubed Review

Site Overview

Lubricant is a necessary part of many a relaxing and satisfying massage and some good erotica. Even if your partner does not want to get wet during sex with some oil, they will be changing their opinion once they are lubed up and they feel the accentuated bodily pleasure of being freed by the lube. Many people have been producing various ingredients as a coital lubrication, from mass produced merchandise like K.Y. Jelly and other water-based synthetic oils to the recent revival of more organic oils like virgin coconut oil. Oils have been used both in regular massages and also in the porn factory, so the use of lubes is quite common. It is a mystery but when you throw in lube into the frey, it will feel like the sensations being felt during sexual intercourse is multiplied many times to give you a higher feeling of satisfaction.

Lubed will most definitely show you the actual meaning of wet and wild party because that is what you will witness in this fantastic piece of site Fair warning to all you sex fanatics out there, get ready for a bumpy but slippery ride. Lubed boasts a 4K Ultra High Definition collection of sex flicks and only the tightest and hottest pornstars are featured here because they are going to be needing some help to have the gigantic cocks pass through their tight ass holes and pussies.

Design & Features

4K Ultra High Definition is wonderful and all, plus it is the best and most updated video resolution out there in the porn market. But the thing is not all people are capable of handling that much high-end quality. The porn flicks are taken at a staggering sixty frames per second rate for a more sensual and sensual feel of motion and clearness. The lower resolution is also available for grabs like 1080 p video resolution.

You have the choice to either stream porn videos, or you can opt for downloading them to your memory card or your hard dicks, I mean disks. The file formats offered are in WMV and MP4 file formats. The Choice is yours. Now regarding the still pictures that come with the actual movies, they are somewhere in 1500×1000 p resolution which is very much high end. They might not be 4K Ultra High Definition, but most definitely they suffice. You can opt to check them one by one or you can get them in one fell swoop by downloading the ZIP files.

Girls & Videos

Lubed would just be any other mediocre porn site out there if they did not roster only the best of the best, beautiful pornstars of the 20th century on the planet. These include famous Americans like K. Granger, R. Lynn, and always hyperactive R. Ann who was also recently acknowledged and given an award in the porn industry as the most exuberant porn star of the year. Lubed will also feature realistic Point of View porn films of stunning pornstars like the cosmopolitan featured Channy Preston.

Make no mistake if you think that Lubed is all about erotic massages since it involves lubrication. Because you will witness here how lube can make hardcore porn much more hardcore than ever. The number of porn videos on this site is not very much like other porn sites but the quality is just shinning all the way through our optic nerves and into our naughty brains. Regarding the website interface in Lubed, there are some drop downs for the date of release and the popularity of the flicks so that you can sort them out, and you can also rate and comment on these videos if you like.

wonderful 4k quality porn on lubed


Tightest and most gorgeous pussies and butt holes in the porn industry; well written and exciting scenarios; and last bit, not the list, the lube make this site on of the most interesting in its niche. The only few flaws of Lubed is that the contents are too high end for domestic internet connections and some computer hardware, and the contents are not that much, yet, but this portal is likely to grow because of their regular weekly updates.

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