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Name Eva Notty
Birth date Jul 7, 1982
Birth Location Tucson, Arizona
Height 5’9” 
Measurments 34J-28-34
Number of movies 180+

The early life

Of Hispanic descent, alluring Shawna Street was born on July 7, 1982, in Tucson, Arizona. However, she is better known today as Eva Notty. This darling remembered that even if she had a comfortable way of living when she was growing up, life was not given to her in a silver spoon. She had learned to work at such an early age, performing the responsibilities of an adult as a receptionist in their family-owned trucking company. Eva Notty is good with numbers and she had handled payrolls and deliveries like a pro. Eva is a beautiful darling who can easily turn you on with her erotic appeal.

She stands 5’9” and flaunts a hot body that measures 34J-28-34. She was blessed with massive tits and butt. It is not a surprise that when an adult publication saw her pictures, they did not hesitate to contact her right away and made her sign as their talent. Whenever she gets some free time from the hectic schedule, she uses it to play with her dogs. She is a proud dog advocate and she treats her Chihuahuas like a family. Her sexual appeal is made even stronger by a number of beautiful tattoos that grace her left upper arm; lower back; right hip; left thigh and right lower leg.

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Her Career in the porn industry

In 2009, Score publication has opened the doors of the adult entertainment industry to Eva Notty. Her fame started to roll out when a friend of her, had submitted her sexy photos to the publication. Given her looks and her voluptuous body, it would be impossible for anyone to turn her down as a model. Before becoming an official porn actress in the hardcore niche, Eva had worked as an escort and a professional dominatrix as well. She has her own website where her solid fans can connect to her and possibly, spend some really good time with her.

In 2010, Eva had been named as the Model of the Year at Scoreland. This opened doors to even bigger opportunities. Giant networks such as Brazzers and Reality Kings have shown the interest of having her as a hardcore porn talent. Of course, this talented sweetheart seized the chance and now, she is one of the most famous porn models especially if huge breasts are the subject. By the way, Eva is a licensed make-up artist as well. She boasts of more than 180 porn movies and series that were shot under multiple pay sites.

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