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Name Summer Brielle
Birth date Feb 7, 1987
Birth Location Tennesse, USA
Height 5’8” 
Measurments 34G-26-36
Number of movies 200+

The early life

Summer Brielle is a beautiful blonde sweetheart who was born on the 7th of February 1987. Her birth name was Laura Cox. She was raised in a simple household in Tennessee. This blue-eyed darling was used to being a crowd’s favorite, thanks to her good looks and very charming personality. When she was still a student, she gained plenty of friends because of her likable attitude. She was always treated as the leader of her squads and her parents were too proud of her for being independent and confident.

Right after her highschool graduation, Summer had taken advantage of her beautiful physique. She worked as a promotional model as well as a trophy girl for sprint car races. Being wild, adventurous and strongly confident of herself, her parents had never objected for every decision she had made. Even if Summer spent most of her growing years outdoor and away from her family, she had never once gotten herself into trouble. Aside from her picture-perfect face and tempting 34G-26-36 body, Summer can easily catch attention because of her tattoos and piercings. She has tattoos on her inner wrist and lower back. In 2013, she had expressed her desire to remove these as she desires to achieve a fitness model physique.

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Her Career in the porn industry

In 2008, Summer Brielle was discovered by Playboy magazine. She had worked as a model for the magazine’s special editions for almost 2 years. She never had trouble getting the perfect shots as she had experienced working as a webcam model and as an exotic dancer. In 2010, Summer had officially signed up her contract as a porn actress. Among the porn networks that she had first graced with her exceptional skills are FM Concepts, Wicked Pictures, Kick Ass Pictures, Immoral Productions, and Pulse Distribution.

Summer was easily recognized in the porn kingdom because of her versatility. She can conveniently shoot BDSM, threesome, and fetish filled porn movies. She is also a very flexible performer as she can be paired with a guy or with her fellow porn sweetheart. Being in the industry for more than 8 years, Summer Brielle is too proud of the number of films she had made.

Right now, she is boasting more than 200 videos and she has still plenty of plans to get it doubled. Besides working as a professional porn actress, she is also a professional magazine model for High Society, Hustler, and American Curves. But the most amazing part is, this pretty blonde is also a licensed cosmetologist!

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