TheLesbianExperience Review



Price: $4.95 (3 day access)

The Lesbian Experience stays true to its name. It gives you a great experience with every update that they have. This is surely something that you cannot get from other lesbian porn sites out there.


The Lesbian Experience Review

Site Overview

Girl on girl action is such a sight to see and with that, it’s quite a relief knowing that the porn industry is setting enough attention in producing such encounters. For those who have seen the movie, Black Swan, pretty sure everyone was blown away by Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis’ girl on girl action in the movie. The steamy love scene didn’t last quite long when it comes to the airing time on the big screen that is why if you are one of those who wants more lesbian sex, there’s only one porn site that you should not be missing and that is The Lesbian Experience. True to its name, The Lesbian Experience is a porn site that allows you to experience girl on girl action. Maybe not an actual girl to girl experience but at least it’ll help you go through your lesbian sex fantasies. It has high definition videos that will surely make you cum in no time.

Design & Features

Upon loading the website, you’ll be greeted by a huge gif banner of naked girls doing their own thing. From this alone, you surely cannot resist exploring more from the site most especially on their contents. The top-most section of the site lies the website header which is simply the site’s name written in a minimalist font. The “X” in experience was emphasized. The color scheme of the site is white and pink which I think is very feminine and classy. The overall look of the site is impressive. It looks clean and polished. The quality of the pictures that they are using in the header and most parts of their site is also in high quality. The navigation of the site is also very cute. It just hangs underneath the gif banner— still in a minimalist font. Upon selecting a menu button, this particular button will be highlighted in pink. For the navigation, I’ll give this site a thumb’s up.

Moving forward, there are 3 sections of the site that you can go to. There’s the Updates section which shows the collection of movies. There’s the Models section which shows the list of models. Lastly, there’s the Categories section which shows the different categories that you can watch. The Updates section gives you a sneak peek of the video. It contains a thumbnail of the video, a brief description of the scene, the models and the upload date. The videos can be sorted by the most popular, most recent and the title of the video. There’s also a pagination that allows you to skip through pages. The Models section is pretty much the same setup with the Updates section only that it shows the name of the models on the site. From here you can see that the site has a wide variety of models. When selecting the Category section, a dropdown box will display a list of the different categories. From here, you can then be redirected to a page which contains videos that are tagged under those categories.

Girls & Videos

The girls are all professional porn stars— no doubt about that. I have not seen a black woman since most of the videos are performed by white porn stars. They are some porn stars that are very busty with perfect butts while some are flat but are very sexy. There’s an equal population of blonde and brunettes in this site. The videos are all very exciting. The plot has an entertainment value. The transition from one scene to another is logical and the storyline is well thought of. The girls create this very erotic facial expression every time they are getting drilled and it makes their orgasm look very convincing. The videos are also full of passion.

toys and dildos for a full lesbian experience


These girls will not place your money into waste since they all know what they are doing. The website is also not a very difficult site to navigate. If you want to affirm what I’m talking about, then the easiest way that you can take is to avail the three days trial at The Lesbian Experience porn website.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
3 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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