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All lovers of sex would love to be a member of this site. The director of this each of the video is Lucie Blush who is French and 28 years of age. She is not the one who is interested in mechanical porn. She likes making the videos as natural as possible and here you will find only feminist porn.


Lucie Makes Porn Review

Site Overview

It is not an easy work to get hold of a porn site that offers you videos showing passionate sex. It is true that there are millions and millions of porn sites on the internet and for most of them, you do not have to pay a penny. They are free and they have numerous porn videos in store for you. However, most of these do not offer you quality and so porn lovers are ready to pay from their own pockets to enjoy some good sex on the screen. Porn lovers usually are on the lookout for real passionate sex videos and there are not very few sites that offer you this. There are hundreds of sites where you get dirty wild sex videos and only a very few that offer you wild and passionate sex. If you are looking for one, you can opt for LucieMakesPorn.

This is a great site that has all the ingredients required to make a porn lover happy and you will surely enjoy being a member of this site. There is a lot to explore on this site and the USP of this site is natural sex. It won’t feel as if you are watching films and videos – everything would natural and that is the best part of this site. There is a lot that you can see on this site. There is something for everyone and you will enjoy each of the videos to the fullest. Sex is an integral part of all our lives and it is something that is natural.

Design & Features

This is a well-designed site and the web designers have worked hard to give this site a real feel. The site opens with a video that shows two passionate lovers making love. They use all types of baking ingredients like flour, sugar, chocolate sauce, and even eggs and rub them on each other skins. This makes the video even more erotic. They make love slowly and they enjoy doing it unlike what you see in all the most of the porn videos. There are glimpses of other videos on the site, each having a unique story and each being shot in a different city and with a different backdrop. There are black and videos too in this website and documentary style videos. You surely won’t get so many things on any other website. There is minimal content and there is a blog section on the website that you can go through if you love reading porn content.

Girls & Videos

The girls whom you see in these videos do not look porn stars from any aspect. They have a simple appearance and you would not feel as if you are watching a porn movie. The girls are beautiful in their sense and they are passionate about sex and so are the men. It would be a treat to your eyes to see them on screen. There are many videos to watch and each has a different content. The videos are well-made and offer superb display. There is a decent collection that you will get on this site. There is regular update too meaning there is something new always to watch out for.

Free trailer movies on Lucie Makes Porn


If you are bored with wild and kinky videos, then this site can give you a much-needed break. The videos have great content and the best thing is that everything looks natural. This is one site that is worth investing in. There are many videos on this site and make sure that you watch each of them.

This site no longer exists. For similar content, please go HERE
Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
3 stars
2 stars
Value For Money:
2 stars

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