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It is not just your average ordinary porn site, it is a giant labyrinth where you find girls in every corner.


Sweet Ex Girlfriends Review

Site Overview

Homemade porn videos are the bomb and there is nothing you can say about it that will evidently change my mind. There is just something about them that captures the true essence of hardcore sex and all that happens in between. I guess because amateur made videos are more humane compared to the nice ones that are planned for and produced. I am not saying that it is nice to upload videos of your ex girlfriend while you guys have sex out of spite, but when it is right in front of you, you just go with the flow and forget about morals and what it is apparently made of. I am not going to go as far as exact revenge like that but I am willing to watch videos of such things once they are uploaded to popular sites. There, I am being quite honest.

All jokes aside, it is never impossible not to come across something like that when the internet has been running people’s lives ever since it existed. Often, we forget that the real world exists and we are bound by the protective shackles of broadband and fiber optic cables. When you are hooked to the world wide web, then you are hooked for good. Hey, it is not an entirely bad thing. Most gems are found on the internet and that is a fact you cannot deny. For example, when you want to feel a little too good than usual and you want to experience the nice feeling by watching amateur homemade videos – with the internet there for you, you are bound to get what you want with only a bunch of clicks and taps.

My point is, once something is placed on the internet, it is not hard to find and it is impossible to take off. For example sex tapes and nude photos. Wait, those are relatively perfect examples of something that can never be taken off once it has been put up. Sure you could cut the direct source but that does not mean you will not be seeing that thing anymore. Once it is in there, you can never take it out. But, if you are like me and revel at the thought of watching amateur sex tapes uploaded by bitter ex boyfriends or very proud boyfriends, then you will love the things you will find in Sweet Ex Girlfriends.

Design & Features

Sweet Ex Girlfriends has a layout that fits perfectly with their theme and I am glad that they stuck with this since it does not let your eyes tray away from the real content of the site. Most of the things are in pink and blue, with white fonts being used to highlight and emphasize the backgrounds. Membership is required if you wish to have full access to the entire site and if you are not too keen on immediately jumping the wagon, then you should opt for the trial version but that is only for a limited period and you only get to see a limited number of stuff. There are tons of things to do in here and that includes rating the videos according to your liking or leaving comments on them for others to see and possibly respond to. You also get to add these videos to your favorites for future usage.

Girls & Videos

There are currently 3000+ videos available for viewing on this porn site and that is not all since you get live bonus feeds for free, as well. With that number, it is rather hard to differentiate the girls from one another, so let me just clarify to you that majority of the girls here are major hotties and bombshells, to begin with. Also, the sex is hardcore and there are lots of anal to be looking forward to. The videos can either be downloaded in MP4 or WMV files or watched in the browser with an updated Flash player. All options get the same resolution of 1920 x 1080 px, 1280 x 720 px, and a lower one of 640 x 480 px.

hot gf selection with real amateur girls


Up until now, I have not finished a quarter of the things in here and they keep adding! The updates are ridiculously fast, which is really good. You never run out of things to watch here and so you will love every moment here.

The site doesn’t exist anymore. If you want similar material check HERE
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