GF Revenge Review



Price: $1.00 (2 day access)

The GFRevenge has a nice collection of porn videos, featuring mostly amateur couples, threesomes who are just enjoying their life and especially the sex they do. Since most of the videos are user-submitted.


GF Revenge Review

Site Overview

The GFRevenge is a site that has a collection of user-submitted videos and pictures. Though you could depict from the name that the GFRevenge is about girlfriends having some revenge sex to get back at their boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, the truth is that the content is mostly coming from guys who want to get back at their girlfriend. Before you get carried away, you should know that the GFRevenge is a RealityKings site. This is not a bad thing, but since this studio usually produces videos in the reality porn niche, you may notice some weird things while you watch the videos.

As you may already know, the reality porn scenes often feature real, actual amateurs, but the sex is really hardcore and the whole shooting is staged. Another aspect of the reality-porn is that sometimes porn starlets (professionals) are performing in the videos, they try to act like amateurs, and they do a very good job in some cases. When you browse the videos, you will surely notice the actual home-made porn and the professionally made; just take a look at the girl’s makeup and the video quality. Most of the real user-submitted videos are shot in either PoV style, or from a fixed point. So if you see the actual couple and the camera moves, then there is a third person, and you can know that it’s not a home porn tape (though they could be amateurs).

The exclusivity of the videos is another aspect that needs to be inspected. At first glance, and at the second, all scenes seem to be exclusive videos (the photos too). However, there is always a ‘but’. It’s the best to assume that the majority of the content is exclusive, but if you were looking around the web for amateur porn, you might have encountered some of the scenes on other sites. Whether they are originating from GFRevenge, or the owner uploaded them to other sites, remains a mystery.

Design & Features

The tour site is as simple as paper; it has four corners and some stuff written on it. To be precise, there is a heading with the menu under it (Home, Members, InstantAccess options), and the rest is a long list of the videos, represented by medium-sized, but sharp thumbnails. The members’ zone is simple as the tour page; it has the same layout, with no sorting or searching option, only the videos’ list. The only difference between the inner and the outer page is that inside the videos are listed under each other, presented by a large thumbnail and a description. You can also see the upload date.

The videos are available only as an online stream. Watching them is easy, and the folks running the site were paying attention to build a strong internet connection and servers, so the stream can be fast and steady, no matter how many people are connected. The embedded player works good, and apart from the initial buffering and lagging, the videos are running smoothly and the playback quality is also really enjoyable. Though you can’t save the videos, you have the opportunity to build up a photo collection of really gorgeous amateurs going wild.

Girls & Videos

The chicks that appear on the site are mostly amateurs, and it’s assumable that the majority of them are actually real girls from next door. However, it’s sure, that there are also professionals on the site, for example, there is a video featuring Dakota Skye who can be hardly considered a beginner with a few hundred videos behind her back. The girls (talking about the real amateurs) are all looking good; they have natural bodies with nice tits and ass. The videos are mostly in normal resolutions, there aren’t any HD videos. Right now, you can find more than 300 scenes here, and if you do the math, it matches the weekly update schedule.

free trailer on GF Revenge


On GF Revenge you will find out soon that the sex of real people is more exciting than the overplayed acts of the pornstar. The price for the membership is quite reasonable, though you don’t get network access; it’s still a good bargain considering a number of videos on GF Revenge. As a bonus, you also get access to more than 500 videos from the Muffia network.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
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Value For Money:
3 stars

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