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It's hard to resist the allure of these Latinas, especially if they give the best blowjobs without any hesitation.


Spanish18 Review

Site Overview

Men, in technicality, love blowjobs. More so, if they are coming from really gorgeous brunettes, with longing brown eyes, and a penchant for deep throating a huge cock without choking on it. In porn, blowjobs are a staple of each scene and video. Rarely you see a full-length film that does not involve blowjobs in general. You will often see it at the very start of the scene, in the middle, transitioning to the end. In short, porn scenes are just not complete if you do not get a dose of that infamous blowjob. For the most part, blowjobs are even more famous than the steamy cunnilingus and this is because it is hotter to see a woman in a porn scene, devour a cock, lick it, stroke it, and prod it, compared to the former. Initially, blowjobs are a woman’s greatest weapon when it comes to sex, to be quite honest and Spanish18 does not fail to show this. Spanish18 is a porn site that features only the steamiest blowjobs known to the porn world and despite the lack of sex, it still delivers. Like me, I get horribly turned on watching ladies give blowjobs to other men, so you can say this porn site is a match made in heaven for me.

Design & Features

The website design for Spanish18 is not all that impressive but is still decent because of its simple layout. It looks minimal and is very easy to manage. Once you find your way inside, after signing up for a membership, you will realize that the site does not like to lean on complicated navigation but a very straightforward one. The moment you step foot inside, you will immediately be greeted by a throng of video thumbnails and video caps that when clicked, will navigate you towards the corresponding video it represents. Each of these video caps and thumbnails does not contain the necessary information and description so you will have to rely on memory and some trial and error. Despite the lack of information, you will find that these videos are time-stamped and you will essentially know how many minutes the scenes will last.

The site does not support any present photo galleries and only has a chock full of video caps. This serves as a no brainer though, as these video caps come in really good quality and are mostly in hi resolution. All the contents found here are majorly exclusive and do not appear to be in any other porn sites other than this one right here. Spanish18 may have a dreary looking site, but that does not mean it does not have its charming points. The video thumbnails are mostly of girls having cum all over their faces, inside their mouths, or having cocks inside their mouths – as intense as it may seem, it still brings out the theme of the site pretty well.

Your Spanish18 membership comes with 30 other bonus sites that you can freely access using your Spanish18 account. So, if you think they do not have much content, just consider the free sites in addition to the slowly rising content and you will be good to go, because what is better than getting a thirty in one pass? Aside from the free bonus sites, there are also live feeds and personals added to the site.

Girls & Videos

The majority of the ladies in here are mostly Latinas – Spanish women, to be exact, and each of them just oozes the right amount of sex appeal (even more). They are all craving for that cock and, as their horny selves find themselves the right dick to suck, they go right ahead and do not wait for a single second. They are straight forward and will not waste a moment’s time. They will almost immediately devour that cock in front of them without a single hesitation. Despite being around since 2011, the updates have been rather slow, and so they only house 30+ videos at the moment. Updates are getting better though and have been happening a lot. The scenes available may be viewed online or downloaded in WMV format. The resolution available for both streaming and downloading is at a decent 640 x 480. You will be glad to know that the entire thing is crisp despite the not so high resolution. No download limits apply to this site.

latinas suck big dicks in front of the camera


There is room for improvement for this blowjob site but it packs a whole lot of punch and with the right vamping up, this could become even better. I am not losing hope because it seems the producers have been making the right steps to keep the site alive and kicking. Still recommending this to those people who love their fair share of erotic blowjobs.

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