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JeffModels is a great example of a site that provides porn fans with a unique perspective of sex and beauty. The loading speed is equally impressive. There is no search tool but I managed to browse around with relative ease.


Jeff’s Models Review

Site Overview

The site features gorgeous BBWs with remarkable sex appeal, flexibility and style. It is a glowing departure from the routine and now rather mundane choreographed sex porn performances.

Design & Features

The site is draped leisurely sky blue. You get the feeling of sun and sand tropical environment immediately you land on the site. There is a modest attempt at providing user-friendly features on the site. There is a categories list from which you can choose what you want immediately you land on the homepage. There is also an array of captions that are gleaned from the action scenes. You can click on any of these and cruise straight to the actual movie scenes. Navigation is fair because apart from the categories list, there is a model index to help users choose their favorite models.

I didn’t see any bonus sites or live cam shows. However, the content available is sufficient to keep you entertained for many hours. The only qualms I had with the site is the fact that they do not provide details about the models. There is therefore little personality attached to the girls. I could access the videos from my mobile phone at any time. The experience was just as good as it is on PC. Therefore, I can say with confidence that the site is fully optimized for mobile access.

Girls & Videos

The site features some raunchy scenes in which the models are fucked deep and hard by muscular mature men with significant cocks on the scales. I loved the way the girls give it to the dudes in various styles and positions. Their flexibility is stunning. Meet Nikki Wielder as she sucks up her male mate’s dick deep down her throat. The hairy dude is the classic definition of a pure male. He is muscular, hairy and tall. He gets a chance to enter Nikki’s pussy from behind and pounds hard as the girl slips into a moaning spree. She cries for more with every push of the dick inside her mound. The model sports some nice puffy boobs that would stir any European’s member to full erection. She squeezes her own boobs as the dude tries to find her G-spot with every push of his dick. The scene ends with some generous splash of cum on Nikki’s bums and face.

Hot and steamy BBW on Jeff's Models


JeffModels provides users with high-quality videos and beautiful BWs. They update their content frequently to allow users stay interested.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
3 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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