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Peter North has definitely applied everything that he learned all throughout his career as a long time veteran in the porn industry. If there is one thing that Canada has ever contributed to America, it’s creating a great and brilliant porn star, actor, director, and producer.


Peter North Review

Site Overview

You know what makes a girl prettier than makeup? It’s seeing her face covered with that white and sticky juice waiting to be ejaculated out of that hole. Where do you watch these videos? Gentlemen, I bring you PeterNorth – a website that exclusively focuses on facials.

Design & Features

PeterNorth has quite a catchy design. I like how they strategically designed their page to look like a catalog. The only difference is that they have included gifs and video trailers instead of just using images. The first thing that caught my attention is the big fat video player wherein you could watch the trailers. And just below this player are little thumbnails of 5 women who are pleasuring a man’s erect stick in a goal of making him cum. All you have to do is click on the thumbnail and the player will automatically play the trailer of that certain choice of video.

Somehow, he managed to arrange the photos and videos in a group according to the series they belong. Moving on the next set of photos, are images of pornstars that were known to star in North’s Top Cumshot films. They never looked as beautiful as they are now that they have his juice on their faces. As I tried to scroll down on the page, I have noticed a sudden change in these photos. How clever it is to change the photos of these cummed on women to their original pre-facial faces when you hover the mouse pointer over the thumbnail photos. The website also has a different row for its updates.

If you do not like to be browsing on some old videos, make sure to go straight to this section and you will be able to find the latest and hottest videos of horny girls being given facials. Lastly, they have another section for their popular pornstars. This section will not exceed 10 pornstars so if you are looking for more bangable chicks, just go to the complete list of their pornstars found in the menu section, just below their title or website name. I would like to emphasize on how this website tries to reach out to North’s fans and followers. It tries to be interactive by providing a Guestbook wherein guests could leave their names as well as messages.

Girls & Videos

North has received the award for Male Fan Favorite for three consecutive years since 1990. And on 1998, he won the Best Group Scene for the video Gluteus to the Maximus. These are films where North has starred in. He is known for his cum shots because he has above normal amount of semen whenever he cums and his ejaculations last relatively longer than the normal guys on set while filming. These girls on the video are totally hot and sizzling! If you are looking for a Latina, an Asian, or a Black model or pornstar, you could totally find them here.

If you also want to search according to body types, you could choose from big boobs, redheads, perky tits, tight ass, MILF and even shemales. They are so hardworking at rubbing these guys dicks! They could really get freaky! Focusing on jerking their guys off, they would really work it like it’s the last day on earth and as if their life depended on that cum. Once they sense that the guy is about to hit his climax, watch them readily opening their mouths hoping to catch every drop of that delish semen. You could even see them licking off some that got out of their mouth or spread on their face like it’s some night cream. But the sexiest part of it is how these women willingly swallow all of the guy’s juice with gusto! With the hundreds of videos that are available, rest assured that all of them are of the highest quality, visual and story wise.

Wonderful HD video on Peter North


Are you still hesitant with the website? What if I tell you that Peter North is a member of the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO)? Seriously, if you’re looking for a ton load of cum, you have to watch the videos on the website! They are simply the most amazing performers and they have the best bodies you have ever seen! So register and be a part of the North Pole family by subscribing as a member!

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5 stars
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4 stars

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