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By the time these geek goddesses are done with you, you will never look at a geeky girl in the same way again.


My Geek Goddess Review

Site Overview

MyGeekGoddess is a great fetish porn site that features beautiful girls who are equally dressed in beautiful costumes. They undress and treat you to the kind of nude photography that you have always wanted. Although there aren’t any fetish porn videos that exist on the platform, you will still find contentment in the galleries. The site is exactly what you hope for and this is the best thing about it.

Design & Features

When you take a tour on MyGeekGoddess, you will be happy with the fact that this is a great site that sticks to the script. It is sexy and consistent, just in the way that you think of a great adult site. Your tour here will simply be one to remember. Although the members’ area is very plain, it does not take away from the find that the scenes are bursting with sexual excitement. The homepage is vivid and it shows large thumbnails that look like comic book covers. This gives the site the sexy visual appearance that it so much needs. Here, you will also be able to see the latest galleries but should you need a bit more of eye candy, then you can make most of the galleries.

As the site has been online for a while, it boasts of great features and a design like no other. Although the content is not dated, it does not matter because there is something new that can always be enjoyed. At the moment, there are 64+ galleries that hold diverse images that represent excellent photoshoots. When it comes to size, the images are up to 800×1200px. You will enjoy a community that delights in cosplay and nude photos. By now, you already know that MyGeekGoddess is an adult site that thrives on the best photos. The seduction that they ooze is simply out of this world.

In case you want to know more about the goddesses then you can make the most of the model index. It provides details about the models that will no longer make them feel like strangers. When you see them on screen, you will fall in love with all that they do. Members can also enjoy extras such as chat and forum. This ensures that you will thoroughly enjoy the site and all that it has to offer. The site also encourages girls who like cosplay to join their team. Many adult sites do not normally extend this invitation. As such, MyGeekGoddess is truly unique.

Girls & Videos

Granted, not all geeks are sexy. For many of them, their big spectacles and annoying know-it-all nature is a bit of a turn-off. But the geeks on MyGeekGoddess are an exception. The combination of their pretty faces and big brains make them unique. Although you would not expect to lust after them, they will not leave you with any other option. If you love girls who get dressed up then these models are ready to assume a certain character just for you. The time that you spend with them is worth it. This is because they go out of their way to bring you pleasure only in the way that they know-how.

The models will dress up as various video game and comic books characters. They will delight you with what they wear before they strip tease and send you to cloud nine on a one-way ticket. The geeks are indeed drop-dead gorgeous. They will leave you fantasizing about them. They will captivate you in every way and this is the best thing about these models. Although they are amateurs, they are indeed naturals in front of the camera. They are sexual amazons that will awaken all of your sexy senses. There is no doubt that they will dish out the serving of pleasure that you deserve. Some of the models will thrill you in usual costumes such as spider woman while others are a bit unorthodox and go for your favourite comics.


Needless to say, the beautiful models, their costumes, the shooting locations all make MyGeekGoddess a site that is certainly to behold. You will never run out of fun, sexy action. If anything, the site will always ensure that you are in a constant supply of the very best. If you are looking for the very best then you will most certainly find it on these pages of pleasure.

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3 stars
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3 stars
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2 stars

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