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Unlike other amateur porn submission sites, the content here is 100% exclusive. The team of MoreTeenGFs would first watch each submission before finally posting it on the site to check if it meets the criteria or quality that they want their users to enjoy.


MoreTeen GFs Review

Site Overview

I guess it would be safe to assume that all of us already had a girlfriend, even just once in this life. If not then that’s totally okay by me. Porn (and this short review included) is a safe space that everyone can run to. No judging if you are someone who hasn’t had a girlfriend since birth. This is, after all, one of the objectives or reasons why porn exists in the first place. You know, the real reason, not just to let a bunch of ridiculously sexy guys and girls earn thousands of bucks. Porn, I believe, was created to be a companion of lonely and single people. We, as human beings, need warmth and stimulation to live, and if we don’t have any partner in life, then there’s still porn. It understands us, and even provides us our deepest darkest secrets in the flesh, as in the literal flesh. Porn is great in that sense. Anyway, going back, if you don’t have a girlfriend, or even if you do have a girlfriend, then there’s no problem because we have found a porn site that has a lot of girlfriends to spare – enough to cover all our needs. To be more specific, this porn site has over six thousand videos – and the ladies, or better yet, “girlfriends” that they have in the network, is the same number as well. We are talking about a porn site that seldom repeats the girls per video, so with each new video, you can expect an entirely new girl. Avid porn fans can already probably guess the type of porn site that we are going to feature right now, and you are right guys. It truly is an amateur porn submission site. The name of this porn site is MoreTeenGFs and it claims to be the very first girlfriend amateur porn submission site ever.

Design & Features

Now, onto the website design of MoreTeenGFs. Living up to the theme, the overall design and different graphic elements that you are going to see on the site are all girly and sweet, much like the girlfriends that you are going to enjoy here. One of the most interesting things that I have found on the site regarding its design is its header. It looks like a sticker book with numerous stickers containing the most beautiful girlfriends you will ever see online. And because they are all amateur in the porn world, the chances of you meeting these ladies in real life are pretty high. In fact, according to the site, they have a lot of submissions already that they would not be surprised if you’re going to see a familiar face or two – that’s how popular this porn site is. Anyway, moving on, they present their content next (well, the latest ones at least) through thumbnails. The entire page is filled with different thumbnails of their latest submitted videos, photos, and models.

Girls & Videos

Speaking of models, like I said, the ladies that you are going to see here are not professional pornstars. They are regular people like us, who just had fun and recorded it for their personal enjoyment first, and then, later on, submitted it to this site so that we can take part in the enjoyment as well. The ladies here are pretty generous beings I’m sure. They are proud of their bodies, and they are not afraid to use it and show it to the world. But don’t worry guys. Remember the criteria that I was talking about a while ago? Well, one of these is probably “beautiful,” because I haven’t seen any ugly girl yet.

real users submit their private photos and videos


A final word before you head on to the site and check it out personally. If you have a video or two that you would like to share, then you may also submit them. And if they’re awesome, then you can be proud to see that video posted and even earn a couple of bucks while you’re at it. But, by just signing up as a premium member, you may already stream and download their content to your heart’s content and be a part of a big community of porn fans and amateur porn video creators.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
4 stars

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