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In a sense, LovelyCheerleaders will ultimately show you what happens when a cheerleader strips off her uniform or when she is too impatient to have it removed. Nevertheless, the site in an overall sense brings new and unique things to the table and you will not be able to resist any of it.


Lovely Cheerleaders Review

Site Overview

Half time shows during sports events are my favourite. Do you want to know why? Or maybe you already have a subtle idea of the reason why, because you too look forward to that moment in time before anything else. If you do not seem to know what I am talking about, let me make it a little clear: cheerleaders. Yes, cheerleaders are a staple to every sports game in the world and it really is not too hard to see why. Cheerleaders are made up of gorgeous people, with gorgeous bodies, with a knack for great dancing and athleticism, all that while having so little clothes on.

Let us skip out on the male counterparts and focus more on the ladies. Because that is what we are here for, anyway. Seeing these ladies half naked on the field or in a court, rocking that beat, and energizing the crowd, you could not help but think beyond that. What would these ladies look like naked? I mean, they are almost there, why not take our imagination a little further. That usually is the thing that goes through my mind and me ain’t ashamed to say so. Well, LovelyCheerleaders, a porn site dedicated to showcasing naked and fuckable cheerleaders, will show you exactly what is beyond all the energetic dancing.

Design & Features

LovelyCheerleaders has a pretty neat site design and layout and when I say neat, I am not just saying it metaphorically. It is really neat – literally, as well. The site design is very nice and clean, making sure that the content will be noticed first and foremost, rather than how the site is presented and how it looks like. The makers behind this site knew what they were doing. The navigation here is pretty amazing since there are so many things that will aid you with your browsing adventure over here. Every single thing you hope to find, you can locate right away using a lot of different methods.

The user interface is very user-friendly and the site order is arranged and organized so that it screams neat and orderly in more ways than one. There are plenty of options available when it comes to methods and ways of picking out a scene so make sure to use this well. If you prefer straightforwardness, an advanced search engine is also available. Right now, the site has 300+ photo sets containing 80 hi-res photos inside with a dimension of 3000 x 2000. You can download these solo, in zip files assets, or view them as they are.

You can comment on the given videos and rate them for others to see and observe. You can also add them to your favourites, later on, so you will be able to access them freely and easily at a later time. You can sort the content out by date, title, and tags. Also, you will be able to gain free access to several other sites for free, as long as they fall in the same network. Around 10 sites are available and all of them are hardcore.

Girls & Videos

The girls of LovelyCheerleaders look like they are in their early twenties and they are all too cute to begin with. They essentially have the built for a legit cheerleader but that only falls behind their character, or maybe they really are real ones. Moving on, you will find a variety of scenes here that fits in the cheerleading theme and genre of the site. As there is a number of videos in the realm of fucking, there are also videos of girls masturbating, and some hot lesbian scenes.

All the videos are in great quality and they can either be downloaded or streamed as you wish. Downloading them will allow you to save them to your corresponding device in several formats like MP4 or Windows. Streaming only requires a flash player embedded in your browser. There is no download limit and the content here is pretty much exclusive. As we speak, there are almost 300 full-length scenes on the site and they are pretty neat.

a lovely collection of sexy chicks


I would highly recommend this site for those people out there who love the nice stuff. Not only does this site look sweet enough to gobble, the quality and quantity surprised me the most. This will certainly tickle your fancy, I must say.

This site is no longer updated. For similar content, please go HERE
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