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Lexington Steele is a male porn star who has been able to conquer the adult world for a very long time now.


Lex Steele Review

Site Overview

There is no doubt that Lexington Steele is the man that every other man wants to be like and all women want to fuck. He is handsome and that dark, chocolate skin is tempting for anyone. Lex does not leave anything to chance, when it comes to fulfillment, he is the real deal. Therefore, joining him on his erotic journey on his adult site, LexSteele, is something that all porn lovers are obliged to do. Let us find out more about his portal of pleasure. Lex Steele was established in October 2004 and ever since then, it has proven to be an adult platform that you can always count on.

Featuring lots of entertaining sexual moments and interracial sex scenes, you will always be in for a blast anytime you decide to log on to this porn site. The entertainer does not make any excuses when it comes to dishing out enjoyment, in fact, he delivers beyond your expectations. Known for his 11-inch cock, Lex Steele has been able to get a true taste of all of the best pussies that this world of pleasure has to offer. The scenes here are highly entertaining as well as hardcore. You will not regret getting pleasure from this adult site. It’s no wonder this site has quickly become a fan favorite.

Design & Features

LexSteele has the most exciting members’ area. The excitement will build on, especially as you progress with the tour. The site has a couple of pop-ups and ads as you browse but this is anything that should allow you. It does not interfere with the action. Apart from that, at the very top of the site, you will be able to click on a link that leads you to all quite easy because you can do it by category. If you do not want to click the navigational bar, you can always click through the queue of categories, and you will be guaranteed of easy access to the scene of your choice. The videos here are broken down scene by scene therefore, you can choose to view the full-length films or taunt yourself with the short scenes. The download is a speedy process and you will not have to wait for long, unending hours before you will be able to enjoy what the site promises to dish out to you. The picture gallery is also made up of high-resolution films that you will equally enjoy.

Girls & Videos

LexSteele is known to fuck the hottest women in adult entertainment and on this platform is not any different. For lack of a better word, the women here are slutty but sexy at the same time. Therefore, you will not are slutty but sexy at the same time. Therefore, you will not be able to get enough of them at any given time. It is no surprise that these beauties are lusting after Lex as his 11-inch cock is truly something to reckon with you will be surprised by the level of skills and professional that they carry themselves with and as such, you will not miss a moment of the action.

As most of the women here are well-known in the adult industry, you will think that you already know what’s coming but Lex will captivate you in the way that he can make their bodies toss and turn accordingly. It is evident that they have a good workout before the set, otherwise, they would not be able to stretch their bodies in the ways that they do. As all of the sexy ladies are living up at the dance to get a true taste of Lex’s massive sex missile, you will enjoy each and every moment of pleasure that is dished out to you.

The famous faces that make appearances on LexSteele include Julie Cash, Eva Karera, Liva Lee and Ice Lafox among many others. Lex has a way of picking the raunchiest women and as such, you will get a chance to see those who fight for his cock in pairs of two or three, one thing is for sure: if there was a threesome where LexSteele was involved, It would have been the best threesome that you could ever be part of. Other times, Lex is joined on set by other famous models and this makes the action even hotter than you anticipated.

one of the biggest black cocks in the adult industry


Signing up for their entertainment on this adult site is a no-barrier. The action that you see here allows capturing all of your fantasies desires in ways that you never thought they would come to life. If you are a married man, Lex will most definitely show you what you are missing out on. Have all the fun that you want and ensure that you feel your sexual ego because experiences like this come once in a lifetime.

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