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The site features its own stud, Ramon, in his ever continuing quest to always get a tranny fuck hole to stuff with his massive member.


I Kill It TS Review

Site Overview

IKillItTS is a quality transsexual porn site that features the hottest, horniest and most scintillating heavily hung shemale models you have ever seen. A member of the famous Trans500 tranny porn network, the site features these models performing in some of the most sexually arousing video scenes you have ever watched. The porn scenes offered on the site are such that get you wet in your pants within just a few seconds. The sluts are so wild and naughty that they leave you with a big bulge when they display the little naughty antics and they can play with any massive cock that comes their way.

The scenes that the site puts together for your enjoyment and entertainment are like no other that you have ever seen. You will surely be left drooling when you see how these sluts get truly down and dirty to suck and ride huge monster dongs you would have never believed will enter their fuck holes. The ladies are so naughty that they do so many things with these huge dicks and leave you with a rick hard erection in the end.

If this kind of porn clips and the actions contained therein are what give you the kick, then you should ensure that you join the site to get the time of your life. Before you do that, you should go through this detailed review of the premium site. The review is intended to get you educated about all the positive features and the right kind of content that can be found on the site. In the end, you will be able to make a knowledgeable decision on what benefits such right content can offer you.

Design & Features

The video delivery system of IKillItTS is set up in a manner that is about the same as that of fellow members of the great Trans500 tranny porn network. You have varying streaming for instant dick-flaunting shemale sex watching online and download options to choose from on the site. The streaming of the video scenes can be easily and quickly set up in an embedded 540p flash video player with several varying bandwidth options for you to choose from. As for the unlimited HD quality exclusive downloads, the labeled full HD resolutions top out at 1920 x 1080p @ 9992 kbps.

Ladyboys & Videos

For the majority of guys, this is the single most important part of any porn sites review. Do the beauties featured in the videos on IKillItTS live up to the hype? It must be said that they certainly do. They have this sexual aura about them that is completely irresistible, and the porn scenes that are offered by the site take full advantage of the fact that the sluts that are in the videos on the site are all trannies. It incorporates all aspects of their sexuality into the final content that is featured to ensure that you keep shooting into your pants for as long as you are watching the intense performances.

When you watch the models that are in all the videos featured on the site get fucked in the ass, you will love seeing how their tits bounce. You will also love the sight of their rock-hard cocks ready to cum at any moment. The feeling and experience are such that you have never experienced before in your whole life.

The best thing about the trannies that the videos featured on the site offer is the fact that they know how to be submissive. They are not pretending at all when they are submissive. They are used to doing so to give you the best possible ejaculation experience. Hence, in the all the porn scenes featured on the site, the sluts often ask the guys to cum inside their assholes. When you are close to coming, seeing something like this would truly elevate your orgasm to a different level. It will leave you feeling like you don’t ever have to worry about anything else again. Without a doubt, when you jerk off to the featured porn video scenes, you are going to be left with a feeling of pleasure that is completely out of this world, you will feel like you have landed in heaven.

beautiful and sensual trannies


In conclusion, IKillItTS has all that you need if you are into transsexual porn. This isn’t just some porn site that is trying to cash in on a new genre, it is a site that truly believes in the strength and excitement of tranny porn and it ensures that its models give their best performances. This shows that the monthly subscription rate you will be paying for the sites membership will be quite affordable. If the best and most intense shemale fucking scenes are what truly rock your boat, then you should truly subscribe to this site as soon as possible. You monster cock will surely thank you for doing so.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
4 stars
5 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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