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HotMoviesForHer is a fetish porn site to enjoy especially if you like basking yourself in different variations of adult films. In this particular porn site, you will never be stuck with just one niche because a porn site this large loves taking on different themes.


Hot Movies For Her Review

Site Overview

One of the finest fetish porn sites in the market, HotMoviesForHer gives other porn sites a run for their money. Home to thousands of exclusive films and hot porn stars, you will find this site enticing in so many delightful ways. Aside from the exceedingly colossal site content, the quality they offer to their site members is most definitely wonderful. Launched in January 2007, this porn site takes on many different niches and genres, giving its subscribers more choices to choose from.

Design & Features

Simple and elegant, high functioning and convenient, HotMoviesForHer certainly shines through being a porn site. This colossal adult site resembles much of a DVD shop right around the corner of the street, only that it is bigger and badder. Navigation here is a cinch and the user interface remains convenient and useful to the members of the site. Not only is the layout neat and orderly, but the uncluttered appeal also makes it even better. The links being supplied are found on both the side bar menu and the top bar. The links are the common ones and I am sure you are familiar with most of them. Overall, the site is pretty easy and never difficult to understand. Despite the size of this thing, it does not support any professionally taken photos balled into a photo set, instead, you get video caps. Not to fret, they are also very good looking.

Girls & Videos

The site is comprised of thousands of models. Women, men, lesbians, gays, transvestites – you name it and they have it. They can also be seasoned professionals, semi-professionals, and mere amateurs. Of course, that does not matter at all because all the porn stars here are great at what they do. You might be wondering how there are so many of them in here, but it does not come as a surprise since the site houses almost 200,000 videos ever since their launch in 2007. When you think about it, that is an impossible number, but it is also true. It feels like HotMoviesForHer is in a world of its own and nothing else could top that.

The best thing about it is despite the high number count, the site still managed to present their videos in great and HD quality. This says a lot already and you could see how top notch this site is becoming. Of course, this gigantic site would cater to anything from straight porn to gay porn. Some lesbian loving here and there, the occasional trans porn, and hundreds of fetishes, some you never knew existed. Plenty of hardcore sex scenes, as well as softcore ones. It does not matter where you stand, this site practically has everything.

Since the site functions on being a pay-per-view sort of site, you pay for the minutes. Each scene lasts for about 20 minutes and you will be ecstatic to know that they are all of a great quality. The majority of the scenes are in high definition while the older ones retain a lesser value but still pretty decent. You can only stream the scenes in your browser with an embedded Flash player unless you plan to buy a digital or physical copy of the full-length film. All the scenes here are exclusive, and updates are happening every day, with one to two videos added.

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I am most definitely recommending this site to everyone out there who appreciates a good porn site. Not only is this one particularly good, it certainly exceeded my expectation. The content count is certainly staggering, it takes on hundreds of niches, and it takes the cake when it comes to functions and quality. The updates are ridiculously fast that it would feel like they will never run out of new content anytime soon. All the ladies here are gorgeous, but so are the men. If you do not mind skimming through thousands of great quality adult films, then you should be spending your entire time here.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
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4 stars
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5 stars

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