ExtremeAsses Review



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ExtremeAsses is not just a porn site like many others, this site distinguishes itself from the crowd by giving you videos that feature girls that motivate you before they take off their clothes.


Extreme Asses Review

Site Overview

Looking for big, fat, fleshy and massive asses, then ExtremeAsses should be your religion, or call it your paradise on earth. If you want to see bad girls with million pound asses performing their bumpy rides, then don’t miss this one out. On this website you get to see those girls when they stand next to a skinny girl, people whispers like ‘do you see that Range Rover next to a Toyota Passo?’

Design & Features

The website is well arranged and every video is accompanied with five video captures showing stunts performed in the video and a short well written and interesting story explaining the cast of the video. The website works well on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well as on computers. This website features cover photos for the videos that are always calling your attention, you won’t go down through three videos without watching one. How do you start to ignore a video with a cover photo bringing to you a massive, extra soft and smooth textured ass few centimeters from your eyes?

Girls & Videos

This website contains over 44 scenes, which are approximately 20 minutes each. The videos come in MPEG and WMV downloadable formats, and Flash stream format, thus to stream these videos your browser should have Flash plug-ins. The quality of these videos is not a thing to worry about, with 480×360 and 720×480 pixels these videos can be viewed well on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The quality of sound in this videos is awesome; for massive asses’ fans, there is nothing that motivates than the sounds of those butt slaps and butts’ & boobs’ collisions as those girls do their bumpy rides, if that is what you have been looking for then ExtremeAsses got an answer.

Bad girls with incredible asses on Extreme Asses


You don’t get to see fat asses around you? Get in ExtremeAsses, take a membership and never regret trading your money for it. Can’t touch these girls with the big asses, go to ExtremeAsses, watch one video when they zoom that ass on your computer or a phone, pause it, then give it that look like you own her and touch it as you want, feel the texture, life is how you live it.

The site doesn’t exist anymore. For similar content, please go HERE
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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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