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What they offer competes, even with the biggest of names in the porn industry. The only question now is why are you still reading this and not signing up?


Czech Sharking Review

Site Overview

Czech Sharking porn website is a top HD public porn site for sharking. “Sharking” is a type of sexual act where an unsuspecting victim in a crowded area or public is targeted and when approached, their upper or lower clothing is pulled up or down, therefore flashing everyone their private parts. But all porn enthusiast know that Czech Sharking is the top rated adult video website when t comes to the exhibitionist category.

Design & Features

When I first logged on the website, there were a lot of preview pictures and the page was dedicated to explaining the perks of being a member. The three items I would like to highlight in this review is their exclusive content, the unlimited streaming or offline downloading and their unscripted videos. Let us start this review off with their exclusive content. Since sharking is a very new and uncommon theme, Czech Sharking and their dedicated IT staff will keep track of the videos, making sure they won’t be outsourced elsewhere.

The second item is something that every adult video website should do, which is unlimited streaming or offline downloading. Let me explain I am currently subscribed to at least 5 other adult video websites and it infuriates me that they charge and an obscenely large amount of money for a monthly membership and what’s even worse is the download and streaming is limited to at least 5 gigabytes. 5 gigabytes is not enough to feed a man’s sexual hunger, and if you want to download or stream those videos, they will charge an exorbitant amount of money per gigabyte. That may be good business to put additional charges, but it is bad customer service. Luckily, Czech Sharking understands this hence the unlimited streaming and downloading options.

Girls & Videos

It is a very well-known fact that at least 95% of the women in the Czech Republic are attractive and drop dead gorgeous. This, of course, is subjective to a person’s standard of beauty, but I find them quite attractive and not just in their physical appearances. Quick history lesson, the Czech Republic was part of the Soviet Union and have gotten habits and traits from Russians, one of them is not smiling. It is strange and from what I’ve learned during my academic years, the Russian and Czech people believe that smiling is only for close friends and family and considered it Americanism if you smile for no apparent reason. It is a real treat to see some of the passerby’s smile and laugh when they see a beautiful woman’s underwear in public.

The videos are all in high definition which comes as a surprise to me because when I think of a man running away with a camera, it will look like those horror movies where everything is a blur and we can’t see images properly. But Czech Sharking has gotten that issues down to a pat. My guess is they are using some action camera (like a Go Pro) because the videos are not shaky and when you download or view them, you have the option to view it in medium resolution spanning at 768 by 576 pixels or 1280 by 720 pixels. Viewing them on the computer is great, but when I was in the toilet, I brought along my Apple iPad Mini, and the videos aren’t bad viewing on mobile devices either, I tried it on my Asus Lazer 2 and it runs well on Android as well. I would give this a big thumbs up, and a round of applause to the cameraman for both being an excellent runner and dodger of all things women hit and throw at them.

new and exclusive kind of porn on czech sharking


Now for the moment of truth, is Czech Sharking worth your money? Before we answer that, let us give a quick recap on the perks of becoming a member of Czech Sharking. First off, they have exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else on the big and wide web. Secondly, the videos can be streamed online or downloaded for offline viewing with zero data cap. Finally, their videos are 100% real, unscripted and no hired actors here! The women are gorgeous and cute when their clothes are being unceremoniously removed, the videos are available for medium resolution or high-resolution viewing, and the videos can be viewed either on a computer or a mobile device. To top it all off, Czech Sharking gives their members 32 bonus websites, most of them about Czech women in adult videos. My overall verdict? Czech Sharking is a definite yes!

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