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The kind of actions that you will often see in the videos is pretty much sophisticated. It is a BDSM site with a twist by Shibari rituals. You’ll see lots of ass fucking, blowjobs and girls hanging.


ShibariDolls Review

Site Overview

For those of you dudes out there who loves to see Japanese cuties that are tied up, gagged, and blindfolded, the Shibari Dolls site will be your complete resource to satisfy your cravings for Japanese dolls. You will see the most sophisticated hardcore porn videos in Japanese style. Most of these Japanese beauties are put into submissive positions and they will be despoiled in every way. Shibari in the Japanese language means to tie. It is a contemporary meaning that describes an ancient Japanese tradition of artistic form of rope captivity. The art of erotic captivity is called Shibari which is considered as an art of erotic spirituality. So, if you think that you are feeling Japanese, then let’s have a closer look at this awesome site.

Design & Features

The site features over 2000 DVDs exclusive content. In here, you will see the best Japanese rope captivity videos, some of the most sophisticated Asian fuck scenes, rope captivity sex videos, and the most dishonored fuck movies you will ever see. You don’t have to worry about these Japanese dolls because all of them are professional porn stars. (just don’t try these with your girlfriend) You’ll get instant download access plus over than 20 fetish sites. Most of the videos are featured in good quality. As of today, there are about 104 episodes with more or less than 25 minutes each that are available for download and streaming.

The site will bring you back from Tokugawa era where you can see lovely Asian beauties wearing Japanese kimono dresses. The design of the site is pretty much Japanese as you can see the Flag on the homepage banner. The site is amusing, maybe because of the fact that there are lots of hot naked Geishas that are tied up. When it comes to the graphic interface, it is quite overwhelming but easy to deal with thanks to the navigation bar. You will witness the rituals of Japanese sex including a sexy fresh Jap slut sophomore, innocent looking hot girl in BDSM, outrageous penetration of dicks and lots of degradation. It is not for dudes who love poseurs and sensual sex. The site is only exclusive for horny hardcore BDSM fans only.

Girls & Videos

Most of the girls were totally agonized that will keep your pleasure climbing and your dick as well. Yuki is an innocent sophomore. Unfortunately, on her way home a dude captured her and no one knows who the guy is. The good thing about her is that she is still virgin thanks to her strict parents. However, her tight pussy will soon become shapeless because of the Shibari ritual. The dude will break her up in every way as he slapped her face off, slap her tight ass, lick her nipples and finger her pussy. Another interesting video that might change your sex perception is a movie called “Witness.” Witnessing a Shibari ritual can change the girl’s life forever.

A girl named Yuki is tied up to a chair as she watches a nasty fuck as it happens. The girl is her friend who was once an innocent looking prudent girl like her. Yuki knew that she would be next in line. Soon, the dude tells her to lay on the ground and her pussy was exposed to the world. The dude uses a dildo to her tight pussy and lips that stimulate her reluctantly. Ukami is an office girl serving her boss for almost two years. But, she had now become a prison pet by her employer. Mr. Majamito put on a leash to ensure that she will not escape. The dude will lick not her pussy, nipples or ass but rather her nose. There will be blowjobs, ass fuck, fingering, torrid kisses and a lot more. The dude enjoys his new pet as Ukami will immediately grab his dick and suck it nice and slow.

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On ShibariDolls, most of the girls are blindfolded, flogged and tied up with submissive positions. There are also scenes where the dude will threaten their captives with knives. The only thing that is pretty much disappointing is the use of mosaic because when you are in Japan, showing genitals is a no-no. The Shibari Dolls will put the girls to their limits as cry and scream.

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3 stars
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2 stars

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