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This new kind of porn is a good and rare find. Luke Hudson is also a rare kind of porn model that you would want to witness yourself.


Jock Pussy Review

Site Overview

One of the greatest gay porn sites, Jock Pussy is a one of a kind site that features Luke Hudson, a heartthrob with a pussy. In this site, you can find a good amount of hot gay porn that you’ve never seen before. Aside from hardcore sex, there’re also anal sex and masturbation scenes, all in these HD gay porn flicks.

Design & Features

FTM or Female-To-Male transgender is not popular in porn videos. Sure thing we’ve heard a lot about male to female transformation but not quite a lot when it comes to the transsexual featured in porn scenes and having their own porn site. Jock Pussy is a brand new site that presents us this kind of brand new porn genre. Launched in 2017, this rookie site does not look like a newcomer to the industry at all because of its well-established website. The design is simple thought but it is well equipped with different features that make it very convenient and easy to use.

The layout of the site is just simple and very straight forward. And no, you don’t have to take much of your time to study how to use the site. The navigation is also very helpful. Aside from that, it is also very visible on the site. The menu contains the link to different areas of the site. There’s the homepage link, the link for the contents, the link to Luke’s profile and then the favorites section. The homepage is just like what every homepage in every porn sites does. It contains some videos that are on the site. Most of these videos are the newer ones. Then aside from that, it also contains updates from the site like what was added in the site’s features and some important announcements. You can only see video caps in the homepage, though.

If you want to watch it in full, you have to watch it in the contents section. The contents section is where you can see a handful of videos. There are no photo sets on the site so you can only see videos. Here, you can see a video cap from the video, the title of the video, a short synopsis of the scene, the date it was uploaded and the actors in the video. You can also favorite the videos, comment on it and rate it. The lowest rating is one star and the highest rating is five stars.

The videos that you marked favorite can be easily accessed in the favorites section of your profile. In the later time, you might find the need to sort videos to be able to easily find what you’re looking for. In that case, you can make use of the different sorting options in the site like being able to sort the videos according to date, according to the title and according to ratings. If you have a more specific thing in mind, you can make use of the advanced search tool that the site has. This is the easiest way to search something, right? Also, the site also has a pagination that you could use to skip through different pages of videos.

Boys & Videos

Luke Hudson is the transgender behind the site, Jock Pussy. He is one of the few FTM or female to male actors that has gained popularity in the porn industry. This heartthrob can win any girl’s heart but will surely attract every man’s dick with his tight pussy. It’s quite unusual to see someone with a huge build as Luke and still have that sweet delicious pussy. But despite that, Luke is still able to manage and rock this image.

At some point in the videos, he will be accompanied by his heartthrob friends too and their playtime will make you wet your pants. There are scenes where this masculine friend licks Luke’s pussy. There are also a lot of hardcore sex and anal sex here. Luke’s moans can surely turn you on the most. And when there’s no one to play with him, Luke plays with himself instead. The scenes that you will be watching on this site is not like the usual boy to boy action that we see because one the dudes have a pussy and I think this is very erotic.

gay and transgender rough sex on jock pussy


If Jock Pussy cannot turn you on, I don’t know what will. I would highly recommend this site to everyone. The site, the contents and the models are all in one a great package. It’s worth every buck you spent. Plus if you get the premium membership, the excitement and the fun will double up with the additional sites that you can access for free!

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