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To cap things off, BustyPetite is a highly recommended site that’s best for those who are dying to jack off to a slender and busty girl. Great quality at a good price!


BustyPetite Review

Site Overview

Channeling a guy’s inner thoughts, it is always a hundred percent accurate that boobs are the greatest feature of a girl. Most especially when they’re D cup and above, what a heavenly treat could it be, right? This is not to dishearten those with a lower cup but busty girls are also something special. Pretty much sure there are a lot of matured-looking women that have a pair of boobs that fits appropriately to their body type. However, only a few of the busty population are not even old enough that makes it surprising that they have such huge breasts! And this type of physical beauty is a rare kind and what some men fantasize about.

Luckily, there is one site that they can rely on when it comes to this matter. BustyPetite has been a haven for slender girls with large breasts for about two years now. It started last 2015 which belongs to the Team Skeet network. It has been growing successfully in the porn industry along with 21 other sites that also belong to the same network. To make it obvious enough, BustyPetite belongs to the Big boobs niche. It also qualifies to be in the Hardcore sex niche.

Design & Features

Going through the site tour already gives you an idea what to expect from the site. On the header, you’ll already know that this site is from the Team Skeet network because of the texts were written on it. Then there’s the site’s catch-on phrase text written on the top that is filled in pink and light blue shades. It’s so cute, right? Then at the homepage, you’ll already see the list of videos in the contents of the site. There’s a thumbnail showing a scene from the video, the title of the video, the duration and then the number of views it had. There are also heart icons underneath the thumbnail, so you’ll know if the video is a favorite or not. There are some thumbnails that are not “still pictures” grabbed from the scene but a short clip instead.

Scrolling through the page, you’ll notice that more videos are loaded once you reach the bottom of the page. All you have to do is scroll down. The overall look and functionality of the site are superb!  The quality of the contents is not falling behind too! The videos are also crisp and smooth and so as the pictures. The videos can be streamed or downloaded— whichever you prefer. The file formats generated from this site are MOV, MPEG, MP4 and WMV. Each of these file types has different resolutions— MP4 as the highest while MPEG as the lowest.

Downloading the videos is also not limited compared to other porn sites which impose a download limit to certain gigabytes within a day. The shooting style of the videos is also shot in great angles where you can have a clear view of the facial expression of the actress and of course, her bouncing and perky boobs. You can enjoy these videos for about 20-45 minutes. One better thing is that BustyPetite regularly updates their contents.

Girls & Videos

There are a lot of girls to choose from. While there are blondes, there are also redheads here. When it comes to the height, the girls are not tall as compared to the towering men in the videos. I think this is what makes them more appealing to this type of porn. Their big breasts also complement the large cocks that go in between them until warm cum spurts out from it. And it’s not only their breasts that are screaming for attention but their large and tight ass too!

These amateur girls know what they are doing that makes guys go crazy over them. In some videos, you’ll see these slender whores getting laid on a couch and getting fucked so hard. There are also some parts of the video where you’ll see these girls pose in front of the camera and flaunt their completely shaved vagina. Some girls also like to wear long socks while the rest of them is naked. Then, there’s also a lot of boob sucking here because what else could you expect in a scene with a busty girl?

lots of sex actions performing by chicks with big boobs


There’s so much to look forward in BustyPetite. With this alone, you can already fill a bucket of your love juice and you still can’t get enough of it. The scenes have a good storyline which makes you want for more. The girls are pretty and busty— although it’s hard to determine whether these boobs are natural or planted.

The site does not exist anymore. You can watch its material here.
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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
4 stars

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