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With a little more than three years on the run, Black Next Door collected some nice material that will please an audience in need. Check it out some of the most interesting aspects when finding on the site.


Black Next Door Review

Site Overview

If you are a true ebony lover, you probably feel abandoned by the pornography industry. Big productions are always focusing the same models, mainly white, performing in similar scenes over and over, with productions with huge value but at the same time no surprises at all. And things only get worse for the amateur audience, as the studios keep growing and improving their equipment, trying to get whoever is a star at the moment, with top productions that can easily compete with the movies industry in the technical aspect. In this sad scenario, the best solution is to find a studio or site working in specific materials to please a certain niche, as they are not afraid of being experimental about their content and need to prove themselves for a suspicious crowd. While browsing for this kind of new site, we came across Black Next Door’s site, and boy, we had an incredible surprise.

Design & Features

Galleries and scenes are displayed in particular indexes, divided by category. It is possible to perform basic searches in different categories, so you will find whatever you are searching for without any worries. Scenes and picture galleries provide the proper information of their names, time of duration, number of pictures, rating and when they were uploaded. A nice feature is a possibility of choosing between three different picture resolutions, with various resolutions that go from 1600×1200 to 1024×680. You can see them individually or download the zip file with the complete gallery. Videos, on the other side, will provide a resolution that won’t impress most of the pickiest visitors, as the maximum resolution provided is capped at 720 x 480. Some of the oldest material did not age so well, so you can find some videos or pictures with only average quality or resolution.

In reality, this is not a big deal, since the average resolution only extends the amateurish aspect Black Next Door tries to apply at their product, but this thought will be elaborated later. If you have a band bandwidth, you will have no problem in download any of the scenes as the site allows download managers that can better take care of your connection limits. For users with high-speed internet, Black Next Door have a flash player where you can stream all the videos. It is not a surprise if the layout aspect did not make you excited, but don’t be misled by the looks, the production and the material beyond the average design of Black Next Doors is rightfully the main focus of the site, as we will see.

Girls & Videos

Here the sex is made in possible and arousing positions, with the focus on the pleasure, with somebody or genital exposition to make it a hardcore production. You will notice that the lighting is not as bright as your usual porn, as the objective is to achieve something more similar to real homemade tapes of sex, evolving the amateur aspect not only in the concept of the scenes or in the models selected, but in the highly intimate feeling of the shootings. That obsession for a more realistic tone cannot please everyone, but it is what makes Black Next Door so unique in the industry, the boldness to take a different approach in amateur production, embracing the amateurish aspects that give the thrilling sensation of banging a neighbor or a close friend for the first time.

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You won’t fell any interference from outside the scene, that being a script or the director’s leadings, resulting in a general sense of liberty and truthiness in the sex that is often discarded or lacking in the mainstream porn. If something can be pointed as extremely exclusive and unique, it’s the ambition the producers from Black Next Door have in delivering their product, without the usual fakeness that surrounds porn. The amateur genre is perfectly captured through Black Next Door’s videos and galleries and awesomely blended with only the most delicious ebony girls. If you want to go into an interesting and experimental approach to the genre, you won’t regret looking forward Black Next Door.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
3 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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