SuperRamon Review



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SuperRamon and the parent site Trans500 have brought about a much-needed change, welcoming a set of sites specializing in tranny sex.


Super Ramon Review

Site Overview

One of the most interesting tranny porn sites from the Trans500 network is SuperRamon. A new site, the theme is one of the most unique in the porn world. Dressed in green and orange, body-hugging outfits with a hole at the crotch level, the superhero Super Ramon is always ready to save the sexiest trannies from around the world. The happy trannies end up giving the Super Ramon the best fuck of his live. This unique fetish is very rare, something you don’t get to see often in the porn world. That’s because this intense and superb niche has never got a proper representation in the porn world.

Design & Features

This website is hands down one of the best websites that I have ever seen. It’s simple and user-friendly. The whole website has been beautifully done and the website makes you feel like the people who created the website put some thought into it. The creators of SuperRamon have kept the site plain and have allowed the content to take center stage. The color scheme that has been adopted is also very simple, with the use of orange, white and gray. White is the background color, over which all other features are loaded. Orange adds a dash of freshness to the entire site, with the color being used in the links, and on the tab section. Grey is used in the Join Now box as well as for the main texts, describing the site and for the video description.

The layout of this website is magnificent. As soon as you hit enter you will be welcomed by a slideshow that has very hot pictures of slutty tranny’s getting fucked by Super Ramon. This slideshow has around 8-9 pictures, giving you an insight of the website that you are about to explore. Right above the main title, you will see social media links such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There are also links on the website that help you pilot through the different parts of the website, such as the home, TS models, exclusive sites in Trans500, videos and live webcam. On the main homepage, you will see the videos distributed according to the various themes. Along with the video thumbnail, you will also see the name of the pornstar, the date of upload and even the quality of the video.

The videos also have keywords attached so that you can be sure that you know what is going to happen on the website. The pornstars have a separate page, and all the links to the videos that they have starred in are attached to this. As you can see the website has been very well done and I have no complaints about it. A great site, SuperRamon comes at a very affordable price, and you have the option of choosing a recurring or a non-recurring plan. With monthly non-recurring and recurring options and a quarterly recurring option available, your best bet is the quarterly recurring option, which gives you a discount over the monthly plan.

Ladyboys & Videos

This is the most fun part of the review since and I’m sure that you guys have been waiting for this. Let’s get you acquainted with the entire hot ass that you are about to witness on the website. The line of trannies is so impressive that your jaw will be on the floor. Most of these shemales are from Columbia and Brazil and you know what they say about the people from there! They are the hottest and the sluttiest trannies around.

And if you have watched tranny porn before them, I’m sure you know who Jessi Martinez, Jade Miranda and Mariana pink are. They are they hottest trannies in the porn industry and they are all here for your pleasure. They have perfect bodies with curves. They have titties so massive and perky that you’d want to sink your face into them and boob fuck them. There are a huge lot of them to choose from. They have the slimmest waistlines and juicy and perky titties. And since Super Ramon has helped them out so much they very willingly spread their ass cheeks to make sure that both he and you have the time of your lives.

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To conclude this review, we must say that we were impressed with the quality of contents, videos, and features. Probably, one of the most interesting and kinky shemale porn sites, SuperRamon is exclusive and with an affordable subscription fee, you get access to 5 Trans500 porn sites also. So, enjoy the best tranny porn in the world.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
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3 stars
Value For Money:
2 stars

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