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Analized never disappoints when it comes to hardcore sex and anal sex. The site might look too simple for a fancy service like this, but it never fails to deliver excellent contents.


Analized Review

Site Overview

Analized is the most hardcore anal porn site since 2016. With over one year in the industry, this site uploads exceptional anal porn videos with the most gorgeous faces in the spotlight. These anal sex porn videos are usually half an hour long and show hardcore backdoor fucking that will surely excite you down to the core.

Design & Features

A simple website with a striking appeal, Analized came into the spotlight with this design on their website. The color palette- black and red- adds a bold impression to the site despite the very simple layout. And who would fail to notice the site’s banner? It plays in an unending loop yet no one gets bothered by it because the sight is too interesting. Who would dare, especially when the clip is all about a girl getting drilled from behind by a monstrous cock? Aside from the banner, the site also has a good navigation. It contains links to the following areas of the site: Home, Scenes, Models, Categories, and Member login. Underneath it is the body of the page, which contains a sneak peak of the site’s collection.

This section is divided into three sub-sections where one is for the recently uploaded videos, the second is for the upcoming videos and the last one is for the newly added models. In every sub-section, there is a pagination that will help you browse the content. The videos are introduced through the video thumbnails and along with them come the title, duration, date and ratings. Usually, the section for the recently uploaded videos has the biggest space in the homepage. The others, like the upcoming videos and the new models, are not that much. The model’s section, for example, only shows one percent of the total number of models that it has and that’s around eight/ten models only.

If you want to organize the display or if you are looking for specific searches, you can make use of the site’s sorting options. You can ask the page to display videos according to the newly uploaded ones, the most popular ones, the highest rated ones and the title in alphabetical order. Moving on, the photos section also has a neat display of the photo galleries of the site. The photos all look crisp and sharp and there are three dimensions that you can choose to download: 1600×1066, 1280×853, and 1024×682. If you want to view the photos hassle free, you can do it with the slideshow option. This is a great way to maximize your browsing experience.

The last section is the model’s section. This page is where you can see all the models that were featured in the different scenes. And because of this, you cannot only expect female models in the list, but also the male porn actors who played as the partners of these hot chicks. You can find a pagination at the end of the list to help you move to the next pages if you want to browse more models. For an easy and convenient browsing, you can also use the sorting options. You can sort the models according to the recently added list, most popular models and their names.

Girls & Videos

The models in the site are sizzling hot. They are like a complete package- charming faces, sexy body and a big fat ass that is ready to take a monstrous cock inside. These ladies may differ in their hair color as some are Blondes, Brunettes and even Redheads; they may also differ in body types since some are slender while some are bulkier; and they may differ in cup size as some have really huge breasts while some have A-cup ones, but they all commonly have the same appetite for anal sex. Not only that, but these girls are also in the game for hardcore action like a full facial, swallowing, fisting, pussy eating and deep throating. Partner sex is not only the option here. There are also threesome and group sex. Some scenes involve double penetration too!

hot ladies offer their assholes


The videos are all of the high quality that you will surely enjoy every thrusts and drop of cumshots. Although it is a site intended for anal sex, you can also expect hardcore sex scenes on the site. As much as I wanted to recommend this site to everyone, I believe that this site is not for the faint of heart. But if you are one of those adventurous souls who want to venture into hardcore sex, Analized is the perfect site for you. You should not dare to miss it.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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