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Alison Tyler is an awesome writer who will make you touch yourself at the same moment when you will read the sexual action that is happening between characters.


Alison Tyler Review

Site Overview

Alison Tyler is an editor of more than 50 erotic anthologies, including Alison’s Wonderland, Naked Erotica, and Naughty Fairy Tales from A to Z, and With This Ring, I Thee Bed. Besides that, she has around 25 novels and most of them are famous such as Melt with you, Tiffany Twisted and Something about Workmen. In all her novels, she knows how to put a real personality to her character. From the first sentence, you will be amazed of her writing style and her creative erotic mind.

When you visit her personal erotic site, you will understand that sometimes even a written word can make you horny and will increase the temperature of your body. Maybe sometimes is good to make a pause from watching erotic or porn videos and pictures. Reading an erotic novel from Tyler can give the same effect as watching an erotic video. Or maybe you will be surprised how passionate you will feel when you start reading some of the best sexual stories of Alison Tyler.

Design & Features

The design of Alison Tyler erotic site is mysterious and attractive at the same time. The black background is giving a classic look to the site. On the main page, you will read a short description about the author and also you will have two of the best books of Alison Tyler that you can choose and read before going to bed or even before going to work. Either way, you will feel so horny from the content of each book that you can find on Alison Tyler erotic site. Here you will not find any videos or pictures with erotic or porn content. All you will find is sexy stories, long or short, fantasies, erotic novels, and everything that can make your sex life interesting and fun. You can check the variety of books of Alison Tyler in the section called books, but if that is not enough for you, you can always check her blog on the site.

The blog is not only for promotion of her books and stories. Here you will find content that will explain to you how she is creating all those characters that you will find in her books and how she is making the stories. Are they real stories or fictions? Well, the answer to this question, you will find only on the blog of Alison Tyler erotic site. Besides that, you can check some of her latest blog posts about her personal life and maybe you will find our something interesting for her sexual life together with her husband with who is in marriage around 20 years.

Girls & Videos

AlisonTyler erotic site does not offer videos or pictures from couples or girls like some others porn and erotic sites on the internet. Here you will find only written stories full with erotica that will increase your passion and desire for sex. On Alison Tyler site, you can find many books and you can read them online or download them on your computer. In these books, you will find many interesting and unique characters who are having the desire to explore the world of sex, erotica, passion and satisfaction. Some of them are explained in a softcore way which will make you horny and give you desire to masturbate while reading some of Alison’s books.

Some of the characters and scenes in Alison’s books are hardcore and almost familiar like videos or pictures that you are watching on other porn sites on the internet. Also, following Alison Tyler on her blog, you can always write her and ask her something connect with her books or maybe you can ask her for some advice about sexuality and how to improve yourself in bed. All her content is for men and women who want to make some changes in their sexual life and be better partners in bed. So, sometimes no videos or girls are needed to increase your libido and be a better sexual lover.


If you get bored from the classical erotic and porn sites, where you are watching wet and horny pussies, maybe it is time to give a chance to Alison Tyler sexual and erotic words. All of her books are special and unique. You can find them only at AlisonTyler website. There are many specialties in this writer and editor that you will love it. Once you start to read her books, you will fall in love with her writing style, her characters and her description of sexual and erotic scenes. All book titles and unique and catchy that will make you click on them and start with reading.

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