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Recorded GFs is one of the biggest girlfriend xxx websites with an exclusive user-submitted directory: amateur, dildo, group sex, lesbian, masturbation, big boos. There are 5000 videos and 1500 photo sets on the site. And since the videos are just user submitted, they vary in a lot of things like the video length and the video quality. But just like any other sites, you can download and stream the videos in Recorded GFs. If you want to stream, the site has a flash player where you can watch the videos all day long. This flash player has a smooth playback and you can also jump ahead of the scene immediately. All these make it very convenient to use. Downloading the site is also easy. The videos are only available in MP4 format though. Moving forward, there are around 15 to 20 photos in every photo set on the site. These amateur pictures have decent quality. I believe some of these pictures are user-submitted while some are just screenshots taken from their original videos. But unlike the videos, the sizes of the photos are almost consistent. You can download by set or individually. The site does not only have its own photo and video contents. It also offers a bunch of other porn contents from its network sites. All thanks to the one-time membership offer of the GF network, you will automatically have access to the rest of the sites and enjoy their exciting porn collections.


One of the greatest GF porn websites giving you stunning homemade xxx content

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The top girlfriend adult site with the naughtiest amateur girlfriends who are trying everything in softcore and hardcore porn: naked, blowjob, big tits, POV, cumshot, lesbian, dildo, masturbation. They either film themselves or their horny boyfriends do it for them. Whatever the case is, the steamy videos have made it to the voyeur collection of TeenGFSex and they are all yours to devour! The site has organized the large collection under movies and photos galleries. They are nicely categorized as well and easily accessible using the keyword tags. Expect to see the movies with long running time as most of them start from the foreplays and end up to cuddling of horny couples that star in the videos. The entire collection can be streamed and downloaded at the same time. You might notice that the movies have different specifications. Well, the contents were submitted over different periods of time. However, you are guaranteed that all of them have good viewing quality. Each video also comes with a set of pictures. Most of them have 50 shots while others have even more. When it comes to hardcore amateur porn contents, TeenGFSex has everything that you could ever ask for.


One of the greatest GF porn sites to enjoy hot interactive amateur vids

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Interactive GF is the best girlfried xxx website which allows you to have fun and interact with the sexy models: blowjob, POV, outdoor, threesome, hardcore, handjob, homemade. There are 1200+ videos in Interactive GF that you can stream on an embedded flash player. These videos are available in MP4 formats with their sizes going up to 1280x720px playing at 2400+kbps. Every video plays for about 10 minutes and you can jump ahead immediately. These videos also have smooth playback and their lighting is perfect. These videos are of great quality and you can view all the details without any blur hindering it. Most of them are shot indoors in the comfort of the models. Interactive GF has specialized its content and only offers in great quality videos instead of pictures. You are provided with several sorting and filtering options which can help you get to the content you want easily and faster. You can sort the content in Interactive GF by most viewed, top rated or by recently added. You get lots of categories including big tits, facials, MILF and blowjobs, to mention a few, that help you view the same fetishes. The site provides you with a platform where you can leave comments through the comment box, and you can rate and even add to favorites. You will be impressed by how easy it is for you to access your favorites from the homepage. The site offers you its membership in monthly and annual plans at very cool prices that you will really love. You also get a 2-day trial plan that helps you know what the site offers before signing up for membership.


Surely the greatest GF adult website offering awesome facial sex material

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Jizz on my GF is the best user-submitted porn site for cumshot videos: amateur, blowjob, creampie, Ebony, wet pussy, facial. For nine years in the porn industry, Jizz on my GF still leads the spot for hot facial porn. If you have an eye for amateur facial porn, this site is worth a try. There are over 3000 videos and 900 photo sets on the site. This is quite a large collection if you come to think of it since these 3000 videos are all user submitted. And in cases like these, it is quite difficult to standardize the quality of videos that are submitted. However, I think the site still makes sure that the videos they publish reach a certain standard that is decent enough for the members to enjoy. I noticed that most of the videos are 800x600. The photos also have the same faith as the videos. They are mostly amateur photos and user-submitted, but the quality remains decent. The contents can be accessed online. Videos can be streamed using the site’s flash player where you can jump ahead immediately with ease. It also offers smooth playback and a buffer time of one to two seconds. On the other hand, the photos can also be viewed through the site’s image viewer which shows these amateur photographs in their best state. The site also has a download option for these contents. Videos can be downloaded in MP4 files which size range from 50 to 100 megabytes. Photos are available in JPG format as 350 kilobytes. If you want to download multiple images, you can download them in zip file.


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The most interesting homemade xxx site with unique amateur girls: GF, couple, threesome, masturbation, cumshot. YourGirlfriends is a hot and naughty site that offers the best compilation of photos and videos from sexy girlfriends all over the Internet. The site only accepts high-quality submissions so you’ll surely feel ecstatic and satisfied! The bonus porn sites under Mad Porn Network are nice additions, too! Once you sign in, you’ll be taken to the video archives where the most recent additions to the collection can be seen. The site design is simple and you would like the direct approach. The home page welcomes you with steamy pictures and hot descriptions on what the site is all about. Large and crystal clear thumbnails boast the latest updates. The quick links and video recommendations are really helpful. This can save you time in finding the best of their works, though I’m telling you that each and every one deserves your time and attention. Once you’re accepted as a member, you would find that each video is provided with some decent information. The website is also optimized with keyword tags, descriptions, and various ways on how to stream and download. As a member, you also have the power to comment on your favorite videos and save them in a playlist. Browsing tools on the website are added delight as well.


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Nicest girlfriend porn site to get homemade videos archive: GF, amateur, blowjob, creampie, handjob, POV, big ass, anal, lesbian. The site has been designed in such a way that will most certainly keep you interested because you’ll find whatever video or photo that you want. And since the searching would only last a couple of moments, allowing for you to spend the rest of the time to check out the videos that you want. Fubilov has a huge amount of good-quality videos. And that also translates to finding the girls that you are looking for without trying too darn much. There is plenty of sex going on in here as well. And so if you want some girls sucking huge cocks or getting fucked hard or even threesomes and masturbation, all I can do is assure you that everything will most definitely get to work out in your favor altogether. Here are some of the features that will protect you from all of the exhaustion that comes with manually looking for videos and having a hard time streaming with buffering being the number one problem. Navigation as far as Fubilov is concerned is a tad easier and will most certainly get you to that point where finding your videos and streaming or downloading will be a piece of cake – something that I can’t say for the ordinary sites out there. And as such, I would recommend that you make the time and sign up today because the moment you get to do that, is that very moment that it will change your porn life. So get to sign up today!


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Most exciting GF porn site to access real sex stories videos: amateur, Asian, Ebony, threesome, lesbian, blowjob, cumshot, POV, naked, big tits, big butt. GFLeaks porn website is a new network kind of porn site that is brought to us by one of the masters of porn creation, Reality Kings. If that name rings a bell in your ears, that is to be expected because they are the same geniuses that brought us exciting porn sites like Mom I'd like to Fuck Hunter, Cum Fiesta and much more. The hot ladies on this site do kinky things with their boyfriends or fuckbuddies. That action is captured by their mobile devices, or by hidden cameras spread all over the world. The shot is amateurish, but the picture quality is crystal clear. The girls here differ in races and they come in all shapes and sizes, but as I said previously, they are all very gorgeous. The sex scenes were taken almost everywhere, both in public and privately. Since the girls are not porn actresses and since they come from all over the globe, there is no Girl’s section that gives you info about the bio data of that specific girl that you have your eyes locked on to. G.F. Leaks porn website network features 6 additional porn sites that revolve around the amateur girlfriend genre, with some of the fucking happening in public and some happening in groupie in a party. Hold on to your seats because this is going to be a hot and bumpy ride.


The most popular girlfriend porn site providing homemade xxx vids

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One of the top girlfriend porn websites if you like good user submitted material: GF, naked, lesbian, cum, lingerie, blowjob, tattooed, big tits. Sweet Ex Girlfriends is a porn site that has been around since February 2010 and is being managed by porn mogul, Pimp Boss. Pimp Boss is known for bringing the best and the nasty out of a porn site and it is rather obvious once you get to know this porn giant. Sweet Ex Girlfriends is no different and by no different, I generally mean that everything you will be seeing here is exclusive and quite a handful. It works like this, amateur people submit their "homemade" porn videos that may or may not contain their girlfriends or ex girlfriends. As morally wrong as it sounds, it does fetch a lot of audiences and it gives out a unique feel about things. That of course, not all things found in here are amateur; they seem like real porn videos given the right feel of a novice porn flick so it looks homemade. In this site, you will tons of girls getting fucked in all sorts of positions and there is so much more that the site gives. What the site does not have though is a decent amount of browsing tools but that never fazed me since I like going on adventures on large porn sites like these, then I just add them to my favorites. There is no model index, which is probably due to the fact that there are thousands of content on this site. Just the photo gallery itself goes up to 2500+ in count, with about 40 photos inside. Chafe not, because you will be able to download these in zip files if things get a little dire. You also get a lot of free bonus videos and feeds that will make your stay here, even better.


The greatest girlfriend hardcore website providing amateur quality porn

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This one is the most frequently updated GF porn site if you like homemade adult videos: bikini, outdoor, blowjob, self-shot, girlfriend, masturbation, naked, lesbian. Well, while I can’t prove if that’s true or not, all I can say is that it probably is because of their huge collection. With this variety of good amateur content, then they must have existed for quite a while already. In any case, this is also not your usual amateur porn site. For one, it is a premium porn site, and because of that, you would need to register for one of their membership plans to enjoy their exclusive content. That is the other thing: they value their content so much so that it is exclusive. Also, once the video has already been submitted to them, they prohibit it from being posted anywhere else, so the content that you are going to enjoy here are a hundred percent exclusive. All of the ladies here sure did receive some divine gift of beauty because they’re awesome. This is probably also due to the scanning process. This is the reason why I don’t enjoy most amateur porn submission sites especially those who just accept and post videos submitted to them automatically. You don’t get to enjoy the wonders of amateur porn because of the poor quality! But you are not going to experience that here on MoreTeenGFs, that’s for sure. Their high-quality collection is already a testament to how selective they are when it comes to the videos that they post. Not only that, if you haven’t seen the type of videos that you are into yet, then that’s no problem because the site is regularly updated as well. So this means that you will never run out of videos to watch.


The top GF adult site to enjoy real user submitted content

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One of the most popular girlfriend adult sites to get amazing amateur content: GF, nude, big tits, real girls, lesbo, lingerie, ass. Self-Shot is one unique site as it centers on interacting with real horny people who wants to show what they have. When you find someone that you want to connect with you can contact them as their real name will appear to the exclusive members only, rest assured that these are real people for they are approved by Self-Shot by validating their Twitter accounts. All the transaction in Self-Shot is 100% secure, private and safe. They offer 2 day trial for starters and you can extend it to a 30-day membership or a 90-day membership, all of which are renewable. As a member of the site you will have instant access to 13 of the other sites that are connected to them such as AsianSexGfs for all the Asian lovers, EmoSexGfs for those who loves to see some emo to emo action, GfSexToys for those who likes girls who plays with their pussies using toys, ICumGfs for those who are looking for some serious load releasing and cum facials, BlackSexGfs for the ebony lovers, PornLatina for those whose cocks are into gorgeous Latinas and Hispanics, TheIndianPorn for those who loves to see some Indian chicks let loose, The Futanari for the hentai enthusiasts and so much more. There are three more sites that Self-Shot will reveal soon, so there a lot to look forward to as a member of the site. These are real people, therefore, the girls are willing and ready to exchange photos with you anytime.