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The women at the HustlersTaboo are all wearing costumes, and they look great in them. You can see the girl’s fine ass, and there are some truly delicious breasts showing too.


Hustler’s Taboo Review

Site Overview

The name Hustler is always one that makes us shiver with excitement, as there is always something hot going on with this company. Also, the videos which come from it is usually great, and it’s also true for the HustlersTaboo, the BDSM-leather-latex spinoff. As a series, it has been going on for a long time, though as a standalone website it launched only in 2004. The update schedule of the HustlersTaboo is a bit varied, as you can find sometimes 8 flicks added a month, while other months yield only 4 or less. But the content is exclusive and the site is part of the HustlerMegaPass network.

Design & Features

Though the videos cover some dirty niches and hard sex, the site has a white color them in use, and this difference between the content and the look is exciting. You are going to see large pictures listed on the tour, and you have the option to view a few trailers. There is some model- and scene info provided too. If you know the Hustler, you must know that it provides excellent quality, so the tour isn’t exactly necessary to take. But feel free to do so. In the members’ area, they are going to provide with all the tools you need to feel comfortable while browsing the collection. Under the banner, you can see the site’s main menu. It has links to photos, videos, pornstars, live cams, promotional “hot deals” and to all the included sites.

You might like the search option too, it’s quite good. You can find the logout, the support, and the link to your favorite videos on the upper right corner, above the banner. A bit lower, next to the content listing area, they placed a quick-jump menu for you to be able to reach the included sites quickly. At the time of this review, the HustlersTaboo offers 720p as the best available resolution. Well, for some it might be bad news, but overall this quality is quite enough, and the actual content of the videos is what matters – that’s great by the way. There are streamed versions, and you may save what videos you like, so stay alert, and have some space on your HDD. The video galleries feature full-screen photos, which you can view in the members’ area, or you could choose to save them by downloading the zip files shown on their page.

Girls & Videos

The HustlersTaboo collects the hottest models of the company, who have been eager to do some heavy hardcore porn, aside from the regular mainstream stuff. These hot girls are beautiful, and you are going to find among them cute US-chicks, just as there are many hotties featured, who originate from Europe. In this selection of women, you will certainly find at least one you fancy, though if you are here, that means that you are looking for some taboo porn, and the women’s are just second on your list of what you are seeking.

Naturally, the Hustler has been working with only professionals, however, they gave us a lot of actual stars. And who know where they could be nowadays if it wasn’t for the Hustler? Well, it’s not our task to find out. One thing is certain though, the HustlersTaboo covers several hardcore niches, and there are also fetishes and some roughness too. The videos you can watch at the HustlersTaboo are all shot in a studio. You will see that most of these are coming from the same dungeon, and the clothes and setups are usually the same ones. This gives the feeling of consistency, which isn’t a bad thing at all, as it holds the collection together, makes the separate videos look like a series.

dirty women in fetish action on hustler's taboo


We are certain that the HustlersTaboo is one of the kinkiest and most exciting websites on the Hustler network. You are going to find here some very fine women, and they will show you what they mean by the phrase “hard sex.” There are costumes, leather and latex alike, and it’s quite regular when artificial cocks get strapped on and shoved into the slaves’ fine holes – including ass too. These videos are sexy and nasty, so if these words describe the things you are looking for, you should give this site a try. The fine bonuses will make you stay here for a long time, so don’t just play around, head inside!

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