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Here you come across handcuffed or tied girls and there is a lot of role playing. The quality of the videos are pretty good and so are the contents. You will truly enjoy being a member of this site. So join in today!


Defiled18 Review

Site Overview

Guess…there are only a few people in this world who have seen porn even for a single time. Porn is something that is enjoyed by one and all and there is nothing to be embarrassed by it. Sex is something natural and there is no harm in indulging wild and erotic sex and that is what porn videos teach you. There are numerous genres of porn and porn lovers enjoy watching each of them. However, there are a few who get addicted to a particular genre of sex and do not find interest in others. However, if you want to get rid of your monotonous sex life and add some spices to it, then you should try watching all genres of porn movies and videos.

Defiled18 is a porn site that shows you BDSM. There are many people who are not familiar with this term. BDSM stands for B/D, D/S (Dominance and submission), and S/M (Sadism and Masochism). This involves various erotic and wild practices while having sex or during the foreplay. If you do not know what BDSM is, then you can do a bit of research on the internet and you will surely get interested. It is something that you do not get to see in the common porn videos. There is a dominant character and there is a submissive character. The dominant character is one who gives orders and it can be either the girl or the man. There is a submissive counterpart who takes and obeys the order.

In this website, you will mostly see men on the dominant role while women are playing the submissive partner. There are threesome videos too where there are two dominant partners and one passive partner. One partner might be kept in oppression and given orders and he or she has to obey them and this is something that they enjoy. The submissive partner might get hurt in the process. However, everything happens at her will and it is something that she enjoys. And you too would love seeing such acts.

Design & Features

The design of the website is pretty straight and simple. The makers have not invested much in the design and there are only very few web pages in the site. However, the images that have been used are of high resolution and are of high quality. The selection of the pictures is also good and justifies the theme of the website completely. There is no unnecessary content present on the site and there is no ad as well. All the important details are present on the first page and first-time visitors would find it easy to locate what they are looking for. There are free trailers of many of the videos as well.

Girls & Videos

Some of the most beautiful girls can be seen in the videos of this website. The girls are hot and sexy and they are only in their 20+. They love taking orders and they happily oblige. They are good at what they are they are asked to do and everything seems all-natural in these videos. You get to see good quality videos here on this website and you can also download these videos and add them to your collection. There are 16 videos only on this website but there are much more in the other four sites. The videos offer you unique content and there is a lot of sucking and fucking in these videos. The general stuff is the same and you get to see tit sucking, blowjobs, cum sessions and everything else that you can think of.

Angel Piaff in action on Defiled 18


Thus, this particular site is only for BDSM lovers. There is variation regarding BDSM, but there is no difference in terms of porn. However, since you get access to four other porn websites, you get to enjoy other genres of porn too. One great thing about this site is the fact that it offers you free trailers. So, you can see the trailers first and then decide whether you want to join in as a member.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
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3 stars
Value For Money:
1 stars

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