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XLoveCam porn website should be considered by those who want to take a break from watching porn film. This is a good avenue if you want to direct your porn film through live chat.


X Love Cam Review

Site Overview

The porn industry goes with a variety of ways to please their users. From the erotic videos, there are also live cam options in the menu. So far, many porn fanatics are also looking forward to these steamy live sessions. Compared to the pre-filmed porn videos, live cam gives you a different level of interaction to the model. Have you ever thought that some porn videos are too exaggerated for a particular scene? Indeed, there are filmmakers that direct a sex scene that gets way over the top. Sometimes its fakeness becomes unmanageable thus is becoming a major turn off to some viewers already. And if you noticed it, a porn video is not that hard to predict since every video has a similar plot. Well, if you get this feeling, it wouldn’t hurt if you give yourself a break by exploring through a live cam session from time to time. One of the primary advantages of a live cam is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with the model in real time. This is the closest thing that you could get if you want to hook up with someone since in live cams you can instruct your virtual partner what to do. When it comes to this type of services, the X Love Cam porn website will not let you down.

Design & Features

The site design is burning with sensuality because of its red background. The look and feel of the website also seemed like it’s a dating site because of its layout and the color scheme. This could somehow confuse first timers or lurkers most especially if they are not well informed of the purpose of the site. After all, the word “love” is also part of their site name, which adds up to the confusion. Apart from that, the navigation and menu of the site also deserve to be acknowledged. It is simple and easy to understand. Because of this, it becomes very useful in filtering searches.

Since there are a lot of models on the site, the girls are marked in different categories and the site’s navigation menu will help the users find their preferred girl through these categories. The site also uses Flash in its contents. The site does not also require a monthly subscription to become a member. In other words, membership is just free. You just need a valid email address and you’re good to go. Even without making a purchase, you can chat with girls in free and non-nude chat rooms without limit. This way, you can select the girls that you want to invite for a private chat. Of course, private chats will require a certain amount of money for payment.

Girls & Videos

There are over 35000 registered models in the X Love Cam porn site. Among this number of girls, the majority of them are European beauty. Out of 35000 girls, you can expect a range of 180 to 300 online girls from time to time. Of course, you couldn’t expect all 35000 girls will go online altogether since basically what they do is a shifting of schedules to be able to provide live cam services 24 hours a day the entire week. Due to this large number, you can expect a wide variety of beauties here. There are chubby chicks, there are slimmer chicks, there are blonds, and there are girls with huge breasts. Aside from the physical characteristics, these girls also differ from their sexual preferences as there are straight and there are also lesbian performers. You can expect that the videos on this site are spontaneous. Performers can be instructed on what to do.

great collection of models on x love cam


I can say that the X Love Cam porn website is a complete package when it comes to live cam sites. The site is responsive and smooth when you try to maneuver it. The quality of the pictures and the streaming quality are also not bad. And the free membership is also something that should be taken advantage of. This way, those who are hesitant can still get the pulse if the site is meant for them or not. The private chats are also worth the buck because the girls are very friendly and can make you horny.

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Video Quality:
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
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4 stars

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