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Wives In Pantyhose Review

Site Overview

MILFs, oh, MILFs everywhere these days. You’d think that just because they are wives, they would be any less hotter than those who are not. You’re wrong though, because the ladies in WivesInPantyhose are equipped with hot bodies and gorgeous faces, and they can thwart any one-half of their ages. WivesInPantyhose is a Reality Kings porn site. Reality Kings is quite big in the porn industry so you’d best expect this site itself is one for the taking. The primary niche that WivesInPantyhose targets on is MILF porn and all sorts of fetishes. Although a lack of intercourse may sound a little boring, WivesInPantyhose isn’t even close to being dull. You’ll be seeing these gorgeous women bound by matrimony masturbate, have some lesbian loving, and engage in intensely hardcore sex.

Design & Features

The WivesInPantyhose porn site has a simple navigational content. The important links can be found in very noticeable places. It is accessible and discernible, and very user-friendly. The information and direction they provide are easily straightforward and recognizable, so you don’t have to decipher it a lot. Before anything else, I’d like to point out that a model index is available for WivesInPantyhose. When you click on a model’s name, you’ll be given a short background information about the porn star and then you also get to see a list of the scenes she is present in.

From my experience, I could search for videos using tags and using the search bar. Also, you can sort out videos by rating, names, and sometimes it has been viewed. Moving forward, I’ll have you guys know that the site is utterly exclusive so you’ll only be able to find the scenes on the site itself and nowhere else particularly. If you think you’d want to take a deep tour before engaging in any monthly responsibilities, then you should go for a trial version of the site. It only lasts for two measly days though and you only get to view the first few minutes of the videos that the site offers. You also get to view the respective photo galleries. You won’t be able to choose because they will be the ones to provide you with the trial material.

Moving on to video count and video qualities: the video count as of the moment is down to 20 scenes and a little more. It also has a corresponding photo set. Both videos and photo galleries can be downloaded. Videos can be streamed online while the photo galleries can be viewed as slideshows. Videos that are streamed online have a 480 x 320 pixel resolution, and a bit rate of 500 kb/s. The same way can be said for downloaded ones, which can be saved in WMV format only. Photo galleries, on the other hand, can be downloaded in zip files.

Girls & Videos

Like implicated, WivesInPantyhose has a good number of models that fall into the MILF category. These ladies may seem older and much more mature than your usual take on pornographic ladies, but they are just as exciting and endearing. These MILFs have banging hot bodies and they will use their voluptuousness and lustiness to lure in the most unsuspecting of viewers. These ladies, clad in nothing but socks, stockings, fishnets, and nylons, will bring about that rightly placed erection. They are masters of their crafts, taking on hardcore sex, masturbation, lesbian sex, anal, blowjobs, and so much more.

fetish action on wives in pantyhose


This porn site obviously has so much potential excluded. The updates seemed to have stopped at the moment, although, I am still a little hopeful that they will redeem themselves. First of all, I loved the idea of these MILFs and their purposes of wearing these things. I do believe there is something sexier than being naked. The idea was just perfect. I did expect a little too much. The video count is disappointingly diminutive and the corresponding photo galleries follow suit. Also, the quality is poor but still alright. What is important is that it is viewable and that’s what I can assure you. It is watchable and decent despite the low quality.

Audio is perfect and you don’t hear any problems with it. Moving on to a more positive note, if you become a member, you’ll notice that there are several live cam shows you’ll find on the homepage. These are mini treats that make it worthwhile. Also, you get access to 4 other bonus sites that will enable you to have phone sex with different girls. The bonus sites are the ones that make this site a tad tolerating since you get more than ten of these.

This site no longer exists. For similar content, you can go HERE
Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
2 stars
1 stars
3 stars
Value For Money:
2 stars

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