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This site is filled with camaraderie photos and video sharing between friends of Trisha; a popular UK pornstar. There is a little restraint but there are times when the characters can’t take it anymore and decide to lose themselves to the dictates of nature.


Trisha’s Friends Review

Site Overview

The content shared among these friends is largely seductive and deeply pornographic. The models are mature women with an ever-simmering desire to flirt with their audiences. There are plenty of group sessions in which the models pose and engage in kissing and fucking sprees. The content gets very steamy on many

Design & Features

The design of this site is great. There are clearly outlined categories from which users can choose. I also love the fact that the site does not waste time in declaring what they are made of from the moment you land. There is a slide show of the models on the top pane. These captions present a sneak view of what lies beneath the surface. There is a clear sense of order and well thought out organization and layout. I liked the landing page right from the point I hit there. There in a pleasant slideshow of the models in hot lingerie and heels. It is clear that the dress code here is just as important as what you have on offer as a model. The models are mature and quite comfortable in their skin.

Girls & Videos

I love the selection of the models on the entertainment menu on this site. I love the way Clair poses for the cameras. Her pie top and black heels have a way of getting any man’s tool rising to the occasion. Amanda is the queen of the pose on the site. Her transparent stockings can be seen strapped to her waist with gorgeous looking garters. She is very comfortable in her skin as she looks at the camera as if to invite you for a touch.

Sienna on her part makes good her threat to unmask anyone that claims to be sober and fully in control of their sexual urges. Sienna knows what ticks a man and never fails to tick you at the times you think you have overcome your sexual vulnerability. She is a constant reminder of how girls and sex are the real rulers of the world. Other attractive and sexy models you will meet on the site include Gina and Chloe. There are 209 galleries available on this site. Each of them has a playback time span that often differs significantly with another. Slow down the action a bit by sampling over 88 galleries that have a handsome average of over 90 pics in each. These files are available in MP4 and Flash Player.

HD content on TrishasFriends


Friends of Trisha are a bunch of beautiful naughty girls who like to share their endowments. There are plenty of boobs to touch and suck for the partners.

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