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According to the description of the site itself, SororitySluts is the place where you would find “hotties wet and willing to spread their cheeks to go Greek!”


Sorority Sluts Review

Site Overview

Being a premium member of SororitySluts is simple. All you need to do is to select from one of these membership options: a two-day trial membership, a monthly offer, a three-month membership, and one-year plan. Each of their videos shows a different scene and a different concept which is amazing given the massive collection that they now have. It must take a lot of time for the creators of the porn site to produce each of the videos that they have here. And that is okay by me because videos created with this kind of effort are usually the best ones out there! Let me just take the time to say that I have tried and tested their videos and all of them are really high-quality. All of them are in high-definition, and you would not have any problems with downloading them because of the porn site’s really fast servers. Just make sure that you have a decent internet connection so you would not experience any hiccups while you are streaming or downloading.

Design & Features

The website design of this porn site is really fun and colorful and it follows the theme that SororitySluts is after. For one, there are a lot of graphics about chalkboards and paper. Plus, even the porn stars on this site follow the theme with their plaid skirts and pigtails. The first thing that we appreciate a lot about the site is that it provided a lot of information about the porn site at a glance, through the visually engaging welcome banner and through the site description that was indicated just below the said banner.

After that, you will already get to enjoy the different previews of their latest content which are all pretty detailed as well. Each preview contains a short video trailer containing the hottest scene in the video, along with different thumbnails, usually featuring the best assets of the fresh porn star included in the video. Aside from that, you will also get to read a short description of the video itself. There are only three to four previews in the homepage, but all of them are as detailed as the first one. These detailed previews are vital to every porn fan, because as you know, it could get inconvenient to load and download a certain porn video only to find out that it wasn’t really what you are looking for. Detailed previews like these prevent that from happening.

Girls & Videos

The best thing that we love about this porn site are the girls. I cannot stress this enough. I love fresh chicks, can you tell? Not to mention that this porn site offers a huge variety of different chicks that you would surely enjoy. Blonde and brunette beauties, Latina ladies, Asian hotties – you name it, they’re here! Just keep in mind that the only common thing that they share is that all of them are still fresh and tight with not much experience in the porn industry yet as compared to the well-experienced sluts that you are going to find in other porn sites. Another thing that we enjoyed about the site is the creativity of the scenes. Honestly, I always get bummed out whenever I discover a porn site dedicated to a special genre only to find out that the scenes in the videos are repetitive. But you are not going to experience it here in SororitySluts, that’s for sure.

horny girls in action on sorority sluts


And that’s it. There is no need to go back to you alma mater anymore just to get to experience the joys that this world has to offer. All you really need to do is sign up for SororitySluts and you are all set. It actually feels like getting into a time machine where you a reverted back into a time where you can just live your life absent the woes of adulthood and work. But hey, who needs a time machine when you are already a member of this site? We hope that you enjoy the content that this porn site provides and that you have equally enjoyed our short review as well. Don’t worry, if the current content of the site is still not enough for you, this porn site is also regularly updated as well so expect to see more of the quality content that SororitySluts have in the future!

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
3 stars
2 stars
Value For Money:
2 stars

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