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Private Sex Tapes Review

Site Overview

So I’ve heard you guys are all into professional porn, where all the professional porn stars are present? I also know that you’ve heard about amateur porn. So, how about a bet? I bet there’s a really good porn site out there that only features amateur porn and still be hot, as hot or even hotter than the porn that the pro porn stars give. By the way, I have a confession. I’m cheating on that bet because I’ve already found a site.

The name of the site is PrivateSexTapes! What’s that? That’s right! Just the name of the site gives you the idea that this is going to be good! You can already tell that all of the videos on the site are shot in private, and they’re shot by amateurs! However just let me tell you something: the girls on the site are either cute, really hot, really gorgeous or, heck, just combine all three into one! Yes, the girls in the site might be amateurs, but they can pump out some amazing porn! Without further ado, let me tell you more about the site, that I bet you’ll have a better look at the amateur porn sites after this!

Design & Features

The site is governed by a porn network, CashForSex, which is relatively new to the porn industry but still is competing rather heavily with other porn network heavyweights, especially in the amateur porn niche. If you get to complete the 300+ hours of banging in this site and want more, don’t worry, the site is regularly updated. But in another case where the update dates can’t catch up with you libido, then maybe you would fancy another 11 of these wonderful sites, courtesy of CashForSex. You get to be able to see all 11 of these sites, and all of them will be really good. You get to be able to see them all for free! You buy a pass for one; you buy a pass for all. It’s all good and dandy; you get to see the porn you want.

CashForSex is confident that you will like the sites that they offer because they even stated that they would give the money back if you’re not satisfied! If you’re not cumming buckets of cum, then they’re not satisfied with the service either! That’s how much they’re confident with the girls and the amount of sex that they can serve up to us. If you are satisfied with the service, and you want to have more of that fun, but unfortunately there has been a problem or two with anything about the site, you still get to contact the owners of the site! There are technical supports for this site, and it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We’re talking about quality service right here! How about that for quality?

Girls & Videos

The girls on the site, as was stated, are all amateur girls. This site, instead of only showing us the girls, also introduces us to their sex partners. And all of these girls and guys are really hot. They make you cum to your limits. They provide you with the satisfaction that the site expects you to have. With regards to the video and photo quality, you get to see amateur shot videos in HD quality, same as with the photos. You’ll see exactly how hot they are by these videos and photos.

One couple, in particular, got my attention, and that is the couple that has been featured in 2 of the top 4 videos on the site, as was voted by the majority of people, and the name of the couple is Nessa and Juan. And you can see why they’re at the top! The guy is hot and has a big dick, but the girl is just awesome. You can never guess that she’s one hell of a slut if you’re just looking at her photo. She looks innocent. But in the videos, you’ll be able to see that she’s wearing some of the most seductive clothes that you can ever see, and she looks so amazing in it! Also, if you read the description of her videos, you’ll see that she’s the one who wants to have the D into her P! You can’t really guess by appearances, and this girl just takes it to the next level by giving the guy the time of his life, and I bet that if you see the scenes, you’ll pay a million bucks just to be in the guy’s place.

the best of amateur porn on PrivateSexTapes


A really good amateur site that will make you see that amateur sites are nothing to scoff at, that’s backed by a really good porn network that will guarantee your satisfaction. A lethal combination that’s also backed by some really hot girls. You’ll get a taste of heaven with this!

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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