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PlumpMature has the best amateur BBW porn from Europe and a lot of stuff in stored for you. They are all very great!


Plump Mature Review

Site Overview

The majority of the women on PlumpMature are quite mature, but there are those who seem like they are fresher. Nevertheless, they don the same beautiful size and I could not be any happier. You know, there is just something about these ladies that light a fire in me. Despite having the underhand when it comes to sizes, these women are confident in what they do. You can even see them posing in provocative ways and their videos are just as lewd and hardcore than any other. The sex here is blatantly just amazing and it is hardcore on so many levels of hardcore-ness.

Not only does the site feature the one on one sex, but they also have plenty of solo masturbation videos. The scenes are sizzling hot and these mature, big-boned chicks do a great job of seducing their partners on screen and their viewers, as well. For some of you, the site may be a little eccentric, but for a lot of people, this is something that is worth watching out for. You should be giving this site a chance, after all, everything in here is great, starting from the video count, down to the quality of the scenes.

Design & Features

PlumpMature has a girly and mature website design. They opted for the hot pink and devil red combination in their backgrounds and they stuck to the white font colour to accentuate the feature even further. The site is very eye-popping but quite simple regarding the arrangement, as it is more orderly and neat than usual. On top, you will find a huge banner with cut out photos and collages of these mature chicks getting naked and fucked. On one corner it gives you the current status and statistics of the porn site itself, which is rather helpful if you want to know the current stand of the site without rummaging through everything.

Just a little below the huge banner, you see links that can eventually help you when you are exploring the porn site. You have the ‘Home’ button where you eventually will be led to the main page once you click on that. You also have the ‘Scenes’ button where you will be prompted to a page where all the currently available scenes are. You also get the ‘Models’ button where you can access the model index and find out more about your favourite BBW chick. You get their portraits, their names, and the statistics of their videos and photos. Sadly, there is no information about the girls regarding their personal lives or something like that.

The menu bar also has the ‘Updates’ button where you will be navigated to the latest updates the site currently has. Speaking of which, updates are happening once every week. They usually upload one or two videos per week and probably even more photosets. The photo sets of this site amount to 400+ photo galleries. Each gallery contains an average of 80+ photos all in hi-res. They can be downloaded in zip files. Each woman has her very own gallery, too. A bunch of bonus sites comes with your membership and you can access these for free once you have gone beyond 3 days of your membership, so do not forget to check these out.

Girls & Videos

The women of PlumpMature are, well, plump and mature, most obviously. Being referred to as big beautiful women or BBW, these gorgeous ladies have it in them to perform the best sex scenes I have ever encountered. Like Kitty Won who stars in 1 scene and has 278 photos on the site, she has one of the best smiles I have ever seen and as I expected, her sex scene was utterly and gloriously wonderful and hardcore.

You see, these women are not the underdog, in fact, they are really good at what they do and are better than most out there. There are tons of videos on the site and all of them can be downloaded in either WMV, MPEG, or MP4 format in 1920 x 1080 resolution or 1280 x 720 resolution. The older ones have a slightly lowered quality.

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If you are into BBW, then you will love every minute of your time on this site. Not only is it filled with great content, but the quality is also as amazing.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
2 stars
3 stars
Value For Money:
2 stars

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